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  1. IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/o9k591.jpg My skin gets dried up skin immediately after I exfoliate with just my fingers. It has patches and then when I take them off, it's all red underneath the dead skin patch or whatever it is. I have a cluster of zits all over and I have plugs coming out of my nose pores that are like small and yellow and clear and look like Demodex mites. I used to have clear skin with occasional cysts, but when I moved to my boyfriends apartment from my parents house a year a
  2. Just don't wash as much, like if you're overwashing or cut down wash time to once a day, and don't over moisturize..that can also make you dry and tight, and the weather is going to get you no matter what if you're usually affected by weather change.
  3. To be honest I think it's possible to be healthy while eating things that aren't so healthy. Include healthier foods, and limit bad foods. I'd say cut out the main foods that say stuff like "Warning: Contains gluten, wheat, milk"..stuff like that, you know? I know what you mean, I don't feel like I'm eating at all because I cut out a lot..and I feel hungry all the time even though I'm getting my 2,000 calories. It takes time to get used to, but I don't think including one favorite food of choice
  4. It really makes me mad that people treat others badly even when acne isn't in the picture, if it's because of your acne they are crazy. You do put the makeup on really good to cover it up from what I see in the pictures, but to be honest you're so pretty that even if you went out speed dating with no makeup, even 800 cysts on your face wouldn't catch my attention or disgust me if I were those guys. Those guys are clearly not the right guys for you. When you don't try to find someone, and just se
  5. Well it could be the pills, but I know that my anti-dandruff shampoo gives me rashes occasionally too. Keep using the pills and see if it happens again.
  6. Well I know that when I wash my face, the oil isn't there and my skin feels normal, but when I wake up its oily and throughout the day it gets even more oily, which is when I usually break out. So..I don't know..maybe try not using moisturizer, it seems your skin is hydrated enough with the sebum.
  7. I have a cyst on the inner side of my eye by my cornea, and it's hard to the touch, has no softness to it whatsoever, it is red and big, and it's a nodule for sure. Your body will either push it out eventually or it'll diminish in size and color on its own. And no problem, if you never need to talk just PM me!
  8. Thanks for the quick reply! I'm glad someone read my post lol. And yeah I just didn't think my skin would be this bad now, but it was better when I was a younger teenager. There's a lot of variables to consider with acne, but I feel more confident about dealing with it now after making that post. And yes I do want to go to a dermatologist, I've been putting it off til I see if I get results within the next month..which hopefully I do lol. I saw results in just a few days to two weeks of a new re
  9. I agree with you completely, I started eating the instant soup because I was sick and soup makes me feel better and I'm still sick so it's been refreshing lol. I'm about to post my story line that lead up to possible things I did to make my acne get horrible from August-til now. I'm going to post it soon too so you should check it out and tell me what you think of it.
  10. That's good that you're not touching it anymore. I wouldn't say that you can't use topical medications for it, I think it'd be beneficial. Drying out acne seems to be the easiest way in making them go away or come to a head, but if you don't apply any topical medications for it, I think as long as you keep it generally clean, it should go away gradually over the next month or few months. Some cysts last a year, and ones that last longer than that or even up to a year, that's probably a bad sign
  11. Well if your goal is to not have to wash your face at all with it, then just don't wash your face. Your face will stop being dry, that's how it normalizes itself. People with active acne though..it's not such a good idea to go from washing every day to not washing every day, but since you said you're cleared up, I don't see any harm in not washing with olive oil and water. Your skin may be more balanced already since you're clear now.
  12. Well if it's still a hard bump and still very visibly there for the next 3 months..then I'd go back to the doctor. It sounds like you haven't had it very long yet, so it give it time. Poking and prodding it with needles actually doesn't help the case at all. Acne can go away on its own better than if you keep messing with it, but still wash your face but maybe try not to poke it with needles or squeeze it.
  13. So I've been having persistently having acne pop up on my face, and it's not the "normal" acne where it comes every month, every so often, or rarely, it's like I get a new cyst every week or every few days, along with more blackheads, zits, white heads, you name it. Anyways..I figured I'd use the product "Happy Me - Overnight Pimple Eliminator" to try to heal my cysts faster, and it didn't really work "overnight" like they said it would..and it certainly didn't eliminate it
  14. Oh boy, you don't even know how willing I am to take Accutane! I'd take it in a heartbeat if it meant clearing up my skin, even despite the risks! The only problem is I'm on my mom's insurance still, and I live 3 hrs away from here (in the same state), but I rarely go back home where a Dermatologist is, and my mom doesn't think that her insurance covers Accutane, and she's not exactly wealthy..nor am I lol, The risks can be bad and the symptoms too, but my boyfriend who took it when he was a tee