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  1. Tried Spironolacton Found Something Better

    Cheap Side effects Takes long to work Have to wean on and off I used Spiro for 8 months and had great success. I had to ease into the full dose of 100 mg. I started with 25mg and each month took more and more. The bad thing about this medication is just that, you cannot use it without any side effects. My mouth was more dry than usual and I got constipated easily. If I didn't get enough water that day I would get headaches and sometimes a slight ring in my ears. Now don't get me wrong, all
  2. Info on me: I'm 33 years old. Have 3 kids. Have moderate cystic acne for 3 years. Have tried almost everything. I use 302 skincare ( it is amazing). Mild allergy to milk and chicken eggs. When I cut these out of diet I reduced the cystic part of my acne but who can live without cheese? So I still have acne but eating less of things has helped and 302 skincare is also very gentle on my skin and gives me NO irritation. I love that. My derm put me on 75mg from the start which was a bad i
  3. Just in from my derm: 1) Keep taking Spironolactone 75 mg ( I've been on for 1 month so far) 2) Start taking Clindamycin 2x per day for 2-3 months 3) Start Taking Sprintec BP 4) Use Retin-A 3x per week at night. I have been using 302 skincare line. It is amazing but it works very slow to correct your skin. It is all natural and can not be used with any other products. The Retin-A equiv of this product is called Clarity. It does not take away acne but makes your skin look and feel
  4. Hello, I'm new to site but I also started getting horrible acne in my 30's. I was at the tail end of dental hygiene school which is very similar to nursing, so I understand, intense. My last baby was almost 2 years old. ( yes I started the program when she was 2 mo). I do not recommend that. Anyway, I tried everything I could afford. Including Murad, it also failed. I've seen about 4 different derms. All say I need Accutane. I would say my acne is mild, very similar to yours. Except min