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  1. glycolic acid or a alpha hydroxy cream will remove that
  2. One of the mainstays of Dan's Reg...which i know you aren't on....is to reduce irritation. When I did this, got on the bp program, & took bcp's [my acne's hormonal} I cleared up. Years spent scrubbing at my mug, and being ulta gentle has finally set me free. Good luck
  3. ooohhhh but that aztec clay sucks SOOOOO good! Esp. if you use ACVinegar with it.
  4. yeah, I used to watch my best friend let her dog lick her face and think; 1}yuck 2} I wish I was that confident and or non acne-prone to let a dog lick my face without stressing and running to the bathroom to scrub & apply bp!!!
  5. man I'm all aboput the evil chin zits...the ones that look JUST like the wart on the evil witch in Snow White. Big painful cystic chin zit. Ick. and it hurts when ever you eat, use a phone, or do anthing lower face related.
  6. antibiotics are LAME...but accutane can be disappointing, Carpe diem!
  7. i have a pal who swears by tea tree, but I've never had any significant results..tho I'm glad you are!
  8. ok I had something I think like this, but I still don't know what it was. It was like a small whitehead on the "vermillion crease" that's an actual name for the line between face & lip. But it just got red, subsided a bit, then it peeled for like 2 WEEKS!! I thought I had herpes or something, but there was not scab, infection, pain etc. just a peely red bump. gross. Honestly I just used a lot of Burt's Bees lip balm and now the bump is gone but I still have a red mark & occasional peelin
  9. ok I'm in California.....I have no idea where in LA you are, but i have a derm in orange county. Cole Fulwider, derm In Huntington Beach {north OC, not too far from Long Beach} 714-848-0770...she also has a clinic in Los Alamitos which is east of both LA & Orange counties. Take an aspirin to reduce inflamation, becareful about irritation, and I'd use an ice cube before heat. Good luck & congrats!
  10. I'm with Obi, as i've also done much research re:colonics. The thing is....granted they say john Wayne died w/ like 20 POUNDS of hardened fecal material lining his intestines, our bodies are inherently made for self detoxification. I teach Ashtanga yoga which is based on the idea "clean body= clean mind=peace" and i also live in california...the MOST fertile place on earth to launch a holistic "scam". I don't think colonics are a "scam", I just feel for the majority of peeps, if you drink enough
  11. read the freeacnebook.com there's a non-acne causing diet in there.
  12. well, since your applying moisturizer 10/15 mins afterward, anything that doesn't "ball up" depending on your moisturizer...will have to have sunk in.
  13. my skin is 97% clear due to bcp's & the regimen topically....but I still break out a tiny bit the week I'm on the placebo. I don't know how to control that last bit of "juice" from mothernature...