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  1. Interesting points. Once I have the lab slip can I go anywhere to get blood tests? My derm office didn't tell me where to go
  2. Hi, I had been taking minocycline on and off for a little over two years. I eventually became resistant and my severe chin acne started to come back slowly. It's disappointing that the severity of my acne didn't lessen over the two years. I'm 20 years old male. My derm who I trust said I can go on accutane or give doxy a shot and not willing to just jump into accutane I gave doxy a shot almost hoping it wouldn't work so I could start accutane. Well it's working and now I'm trying to decide if
  3. Is a four month 80 mg course for a male weighing 77 mg enough for long term remission? I am 20 years old. I thought I heard that 5 months-6 months is the norm
  4. Yes they do. I'm pretty much clear right now. That's why I'm hesitant to let go
  5. I'm just going to take the antibiotics and probiotics til summer. I can't make a huge diet adjustment at school it's just not feasible economically. I think if I cut out high glycemic foods and fried foods and take a lot of vitamin d I might have a chance? I would truly be okay with a few pimples just as long as I have no cysts ill be happy. This is so depressing.
  6. acneman21293

    Smells great Controlled my oil problem Cleared skin Extreme dryness causing itchy skin!! I loved this product the first few days because I have really oily skin and it fixed that. However, after a few days I have extremely dry skin and it's chapped and itches really bad. No amount of lotion has helped. So not using this anymore!
  7. I've only been on mino for two months. I'm taking probiotics with it. I really can't afford to go off it now or my acne will come back while I'm in school and I don't wanna deal with that. I'll come off of it in two months. How much harm could be done in two months?
  8. I've eaten like crap since a little kid high gi foods all the time. I had the worst breakout of my life when I tried to put on weight eating anything at 4000 calories a day. It's now pretty much under control under minocycline but I know antibiotics are no cure for severe acne. I'm in college now and can't really afford to go on paleo at this point. My plan is to stay on mino for a few weeks into the summer while starting the paleo then coming off the mino. I also saw my acne get much worse when
  9. My acne has gotten worse after 4 weeks of bactrim. Is the bactrim just flat out not gonna work? I have two huge inflamed pimples that hurt like hell on my chin. Someone please help!
  10. Hi, I've been on Bactrim for 3 and a half weeks and am still having some breakouts however I think I see some improvement. I'm also using clindamycin lotion in the morning and Retin A .05/ BP 2.5% at night. I alternate every night. My question is do you think .05 is a high enough concentration for moderate to severe chin acne or should I up it to .1? I'd love to hear some people's experience with cystic acne and Retin A. Thanks, acneman
  11. Just thought I'd let you guys know how it was going. I am about to finish my 2nd week on Bactrim DS twice a day. I am also doing the DK regimen at night. My skin looked like it was about completely clear yesterday but I developed a few tiny bumps and one huge cyst throughout today. I'm not that worried about it because I can see it is working and it's only a matter of time before I'm clear (or at least I'm prayin for it). Hopefully by the end of next week I'll be good to go. I do need to s
  12. Thanks for responding to all my topics haha. You've been a big help
  13. I've been on Bactrim DS for a week now. I've been using BP at night too. It seemed to help a little but a couple of days ago I developed a couple of cysts on my chin. A new one came in today. Should I switch to another anti or will the Bactrim start preventing new pimples soon? This is so frustrating. Thanks!
  14. It really is helping I think. I still have some zits but the inflammation has gone down after just two days. My plan is to get clear with bactrim and maintain the clearness with bp at night, a healthy diet, and supplements once I am able to ween myself off of it
  15. Hi, My dermatologist has given me bactrim ds after being on minocycline on and off for the last couple of years. I do my research like always before I put something in my body and found the horrible steven johnsons syndrome as a reaction to using drugs like bactrim ds. Could this really happen to me without seeing any signs to prevent it? I'm probably just worrying about nothing (maybe why I have acne in the first place haha) but would really appreciate it if someone would put my mind at e