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  1. Serious results, with a serious price

    got rid of all my acne! dryness acne scars lack of concentration I took accutane 50mg pills for 5 months when I was 17 y/o. I have to say my acne was not severe, but I had literally tried EVERYTHING... every cream, antibiotics, all that useless stuff that never worked. By the end of my 5 month cycle (which was ended a month early by my dermatologist, due to my increased lack of concentration and ability to focus) my acne was completely gone. It's now 5 months later and still, no acne minus a ran
  2. mon1295

    Day 1

    thanks, good luck to you too! yeah i'm gonna get into the habit of drinking a lot more water forsure
  3. mon1295

    Day 1

    Hey guys, I used this site to see people's experiences on accutane, and to help with my decision before beginning it myself, so I decided it'd be a good idea to document my own experience while on it I started getting pimples when I was about 11 and it quickly turned into moderate acne that was VERY annoying, sometimes painful, and has only gotten worse. I've tried all the creams, tetracycline, you name it I've probably used it....and of course, nothing really worked. long story short, I be