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  1. I live on the limits of USA. I speak: 1. english 2. spanish ¿hay alguien que hable español por aquí? 3.a little bit of german (days of the week) ha! oh! yeah and also i know another language: como tale vu?, bon jour!
  2. YES! YOU HAVE HOPE! go to the derm, ask about accutane. Good results! =P~
  3. ¿Este foro es para hablar el idioma que quieras? 8-[ ¿Hay alguien que hable español y tenga acné?
  4. I have cistic acne with deep scars. My derm said to me, there where a few cists, but big enough to make a big scarring. I have had a lot of bad experiences cause my acne. My acne only causes sorrowness and low self steem. This memories sometimes I prefer not to remember them, but when im on a breaktrought, they come. I remember when I was on high school, there was a guy and his group of friends. He used to make me feel awful. He used to tell to one of his group friends, almost i
  5. Thank you for your comments! :=) Sorry I wasn't answering your posts. I was bussy on college. Im on my third month on accutane and im very HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! MY SKIN IS GETTING CLEARER! IM SOOOOOOOOO HAPPPPY. Still I have scars, but looks like they're getting a little shallow. Im a little affraid, if after stopping with accutane, the acne wold return, i hope not.
  6. thank you for you comments. Im located in El Paso Tx.
  7. thanx for your comments!, specially yo.
  8. Maya why do you dont recommend me using retin-A on my treatment with accutane?
  9. i hate make up. But, my skin is so disgusting that i should start to use make up, thow i dont like it. I feel like deceiving myself. Im feeling the same like you all, i wish to wake up one morning and not to be concerned about my look. I have to look on the mirror and see a disgusting image.
  10. Im a depressed girl, that feels the ugliest in the universe. I don't think someone my age, has more acne scars than me. The people of my age that i know, have mild to moderate scarring, but not such as deep and big as my scars. Is there a teenage girl, or a young lady on this universe, that has severe cystic acne, with very deep acne scars??, or im the only? I prefer I was never born.
  11. Sorry about my language, im not a native speaker. I have very oily skin, cystic acne, and deep scars. i would like to know if it is posible, to wear make up, even if i have active acne (third cycle of accutane, first mont of treatment)? if yes, can you recommend me some known brands, that are oil-free, based on water, non-comedogenic... etc? the unique time i have used make up, looks like my skin absorb it, like a sponge, why is this? is it because the oily skin that i have? what can i
  12. is it posible, to treat acne scars even if you still have active acne? what are the reason if not? im taking accutane, third cycle, first month.
  13. Jacob, thank you for you post. I wish you the best, to your visit to your new derm. As i was asking, for affordable, a meant like $1,000 or less. What are the prices of each procedure you know, that cost below $1,000?