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  1. Riteoflife
    I think I've arrived at one of the most crucial points in my own self discovery. My acne began when I was 13, end of seventh grade. At that point I didn't really mind it a pimple here or there, nothing to downgrade my life. As the summer went on, and eight grade started, it became gradually worse. I began finding more and more pimples nestled on my cheeks and chin. It seemed like I was suffering the worst from it. My friends always pranced the halls of my school with their perfect faces, it seemed so unfair. Why me? What did I do to deserve this? At times, I became depressed, perhaps let down, by my acne. At school sometimes I wanted to hid my face or run away. Negative emotions swelled inside me. I truly believe that self encouragement really makes or breaks this situation. As I push myself to get good grades, I have I have tried to push it with my acne, and nothing seemed to work! I am happy now (sort of). I am really looking forward to representing not only a personal journey, but to maybe inspire people in a similar position that I am in.

    I began to fight it, essentially trying basic cleansers and moisturizers. Months went by with little results, I began to research effective ways to be rid of it, and put a lot of time and effort into products that seemed to do almost no effect (it was making it less irritating of course, but that's about it). Than came high school. Hormones, popularity, teenagers, life that was new to me. The year dragged by and my acne was getting terrible, I had many little red pimples and some white heads on my face. At this point I think depression set in, and I think that I felt disconnected, and "ugly" from it. I am a sophomore now, my acne has gotten a tiny bit better, still bad though, and my face is full of redness from previously acne and some scars.

    I am creating this journal in hopes of curing my face of acne, and maybe spreading my success ( when it happens, I am going to remain optimistic). I will be making 4 day increments through my journal, where I will be regulating what I eat, different products, routines, etc.

    I have little knowledge on what works effectively for clearing acne, at this point, as part of my experiment, I will be starting from the beginning using only basic face wash and simple routines.

    Here is what I will be starting with:
    - Washing my face twice a day seems the most effect method of cleansing for me. Once in the morning, and once at night.
    - I believe it is vital to get sleep. 8 hours seems like a healthy amount of time, giving your body time to regenerate. I have created a routine sleep cycle from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. So far it has left me feeling well.
    - Taking a multi- vitamin pill that gives essential vitamins and minerals and helps to balance hormones three times a day.

    EDIT: I took some pictures if anyone is interested to see what my face looks like on day one of my experiment, I hope to compare it in the future. Look under my albums, if you would like to see the beginning of my journey.

    I will go from here, I look forward to reading all comments, and the acne.org community can provide some insight.