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  1. Riteoflife

    Day 1

    Good luck! I started a journal today too. Hope it works out for you:) Drinking a lot of water really helps with the dryness, I live in a high altitude area, and its tough to stay hydrated.
  2. Awesome pictures, your skin looks really good, despite they minor color differences in a few places. It's truly amazing that our skin can change like this! Those pictures are more inspiration for my acne struggle. Thanks, and good luck in the future!!
  3. Riteoflife

    Day 27

    Glad to see things changing for the better for you! I'm just beginning my journey. Exercise, eating right, and regulatory sleep, keeps your body feeling great.
  4. Riteoflife

    My Acne Journey

    I will be uploading pictures maybe once a month to see progress. Life - changing expire nice here I come.
  5. I think I've arrived at one of the most crucial points in my own self discovery. My acne began when I was 13, end of seventh grade. At that point I didn't really mind it a pimple here or there, nothing to downgrade my life. As the summer went on, and eight grade started, it became gradually worse. I began finding more and more pimples nestled on my cheeks and chin. It seemed like I was suffering the worst from it. My friends always pranced the halls of my school with their perfect faces, it
  6. We all have the RITE of life, I hope that this collective community can help my acne. Live to experience. :)