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  1. CAVE IN AGAIN!!! I washed my face with oil free cleaner 2% sa and then put quite alot of differin on my cheeks
  2. MAJOR CAVE IN... My face has been extremely bad and i had to wash with black soap and but some bp ;( 3 new pimples on roght cheek and 9 new ones on left!!! R U JOKING?!
  3. ShadowsA

    Caveman regimen

  4. Day 9: ive been getting quite a few pus filed pimples on cheeks tht go away like intwo days so im okay with it... um havent got any acne on my forehead, chin, upper lip which had preety bad acne in the past but the cheeks are so stubborn and just keep worsting. its not so much the acne but the red acne scars tht are making the apperence of my cheeks severe. school is hell.. the usual hiding from friends, behing antisocial, avoiding any attention to my self. ;( We played bingo for extra cresit a
  5. @Is207816 After a month of doing nothing, if this doesnt work, ill just try that. My theory is I dont have bad acne... I am only causeing it no matter how gentle the wash it is, it its too overdrying and makes me uncomfortable. I just going to act like i dont have facial issues and not do sh*t.
  6. Day 3: two little pimples grew on left cheeck filled with some pus but other than that, I believe that my skin is returning to normal but my acne remains. I feel like it is not bad but when taking a picture, it looks terrible. hopefully no one else sees me like the way the camera does.. Ill be uploading pics through out once i get to a computer
  7. ( 15 years with moderate, sever acne and a male) Ok well during the summer, after having mild acne, complaining on how bad my acne was... I decided to buy skin id which helped and cleared me up I ran out but it didnt come back and a few months passed and i was still clear. however, towards the end of the summer and onto my first year of highschool, I just got out of a relationship and been extremely stressed out by it and also having to go to a new school and starting highschool with not one p
  8. Okay so i just started wrestling and I have been on the regimen and so my acne was clearing up. During practice, my face was smearing all over the dirty floor, opponent grabs chin and rips my acne( my chin is the worst) and i dont know what to do?! HELP! I dont want to quit because people will call me a pussy...
  9. Okay so I have been using the regimen for about two weeks now and when I started I barely had acne on my forehead and chin but alot on my cheeks and upper lip area. After using it, the cheeks and upper lip cleared up and I was so happy yet my chin and forehead was getting breakouts. The breakouts on my chin and forehead are getting worst and I dont know if this is what suppose to happen. Also I feel like using two full pumps of moisterizer is wayto much as it sits on my face.