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  1. hey i just wanted to say i ordered from her site 2 times and I was very happy with the products, shipping and everything. also i posted a few questions on the forum and it was answered in 2 days, although she missed 1 answer, but overall its good service. look how many questions are posted on her forums and she actually takes the time to answers all of them, you know how long that takes? and for wat? good customer service. i have yet to see dan answer 1 question, but im not knocking him i mean
  2. IDK I think something fishy is going on, but then again I don't know much about anything. What that guy said about amazon is right... Ordering from acne.org Subtotal: $52.64 Shipping & Handling: $23.30 Tax: $0.00 Total: $75.94 Ordring from Amazon.com Items (2) $10.58 Estimated shipping & handling $63.22 Total before tax $0.00 Es
  3. Thats what im wondering. I dont think it does though, I think you need to use the AHA to get rid of blackheads but Im not sure
  4. LOL @ all the people fighting over whatever bout some lemons and sugar!! Squivi what do those oils do? Like are they for moisturizing or something? Every single oil I use broke me out. Also is sandal wood gentle? Because my skin is very, very sensitive. I will def give them a shot, since my skin routine sucks. The uhm cleanser, benzoyl peroxide and moisturizing steps are very helpful for acne, but other than that ehhh. I still have too many scars, dry and dull skin etc.
  5. Yes I have the same problem. BP will help with the whiteheads, not the blackheads in my experience. For the blackheads you will need an exfoliant, such as AHA or BHA. The pores I have no clue what to do....apparently they can't be shrunk they are the same size forever.
  6. I think nothing will beat a healthy balanced diet, exercise, low stress and enough sleep. <---- but i'm doing that and my skin looks terrible!!
  7. Well this is very odd but I have NEVER had ice pick scars, NEVER. For the last month I have been experimenting with different moisturizers and suddenly I have a TON of ice pick scars on my cheeks.... its very very depressing. Its mainly this stupid Cerave Cream. I went back to my old moisturizer but this Cerave cream costs 30 bucks so i didn't want to waste it. I stared at one side of my cheek for 5 minutes, I applied the cream on one side of my face and 5 minutes later there was another indent
  8. Uhm is this true..? because I only recently started doing the redgime... but its working. i would rather have discolored skin than acne everywhere
  9. i want to but i have a bad feeling my derm is tired of me because i keep going back
  10. I def agree. Man I feel lucky that I live in Canada, since these products are only available there. The cleanser is the BEST cleanser hands down, the moisturizers is one of the best, if not the best. I did not know they sell BP and I will give it a shot.
  11. I tried Cerave, IMO def overrated. Its one of those products where its like you know the ingredients are bad and it'll probably break you out, but people say its good regardless, then you try it and it makes you break out, and your like of course it made me break out... look at the ingredients.
  12. DON'T USE CETAPHIL. Spectro Jel is just a BETTER version of Cetaphil, they both have the same feel and quality, except Spectro tones, ph balenced etc. and its cheaper. I am currently looking for a BP, but I heard Oxy 2.5 BP jel is good, but it is very small.
  13. Hey so how do people derma roll? Can anyone recommend a good derma roller? I am going to order this one http://www.amazon.com/Titanium-Wrinkles-Cellulite-Treatment-effective/product-reviews/B005MEFCKM and I am also wondering do you put any oils or medication before or after your use it?
  14. man i'm so curious too. some people say the only way to get rid of scars is through laser treatment or surgery but i cant afford that
  15. Well Dan is always stressing to follow the regime exactly but EVERY single moisturizer breaks me out. I tried Cetaphil , Cerave, Spectro, Olay and acne.orgs. The only thing that doesn't break me out is jojoba oil, which goes on MUCH better right after I washed my face. So I'm curious can I apply Jojoba oil then use BP after or will it not absorb as well? Also can anyone recommend me a good moisturizer for EXTREMELY SENSITIVE skin?