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  1. you may want to consider that you have the same condition as my family,please read below.I believe that adult acne is a different ball game from say teenage acne, It seems strange that you still have adult acne,but consider everything,do you have things like cup a soup (add boiling water and wait 2 mins) or ready made meals into your diet.I have been generally spot free for 25 years,but 2 weeks ago got 3 or 4 spots on my chin,I went back to eating only fresh food and 2 day
  2. with me it's about food,it causes my acne, full stop,I now live 90% acne free by cutting out certain chemical additives found in food that is not fresh,I eat only fresh food and drink natural drinks,all it takes is one chemical additive to cause one big big spot on my face,your's could be hormones,so try it out and forget advice from Pudding Pie,we are all different.
  3. I used to suffer but found that chemical additives in some food were the cause,mainly granules like coffee and gravy but there are lots more
  4. find out what your allergic to,I did,it was so simple
  5. Glad you found your poison,I found mine so haven't suffered to bad for the last 25 years,it was chemical additives in food and drinks
  6. Hi, you really are trying your best with this extremely healthy diet and I wish you luck,do you think it's going to work,me and my daughter who suffer the same condition have found (or I did some 35 years ago and now help her) the answer which is entirely different from the approach you are taking, we don't particularly eat healthy food 24/7 as we might be allergic/intolerant to some or just one of the organic additives you eat or drink,I know our poison so we take the route that while eating he
  7. You must always carefully pop your pimples,imagine a doctor finding pus in your body and saying ' leave it alone it's only poison' if you leave the pus it will eat away at your skin that's what poison does
  8. I found out 35 years ago that diet was the key and have been able to help my daughter who has the same condition, we ate any crap,fries,burgers,pizza,chocolate etc etc the key in our diet is to avoid chemical additives so your diet would work I imagine for us,healthy food is just a bonus for our bodies but don't prevent our now gone spots.
  9. In my case it's not eating healthy,I can eat fried food 3 x a day 7 days a week,it's finding out what your body rejects as a poison, for me it's chemical additives
  10. you don't describe how bad your acne is
  11. I only ever wash my face in cold water with no soap, when this fails I resort to my dog mask
  12. I slice them open with a razor blade to relieve the pressure and they're gone in a few day's
  13. the same as I have started getting again after a 40 year break lol,gone back on a natural diet and might have narrowed it down to the cornflour on a elimination dietet
  14. Hi, got a big deep down spot by my nose this week, sliced it with a razor and now's it's healing,apart from the spot the rest of my skin and my daughter's always remains healthy looking when she get's a spot or two