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  1. So i have acne for about 4 years. Nothing is really helping me. I have moderate acne and its mostly on my forehead and between my eyebrowns. My mom would always tell me to do something about it. I have tried everything from proactiv to DKR to putting apple cider vinegar on my face and smelling like ****. Nothing works for me, it keeps coming back. Once in a while my mom would look at my face and just make that sighing noise which drives me crazyyy. My parents would tell me that i have so much pi
  2. Try using Zinc oxide which can be find in baby diaper rash cream. It cleared me up in 1 week.
  3. Go to bed early (10pm) and wake up early (6am). Even if you can't fall asleep, it's good to relax so your liver can rest and be ready for work the next day Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins Drink less soda and carbonated beverages 20-30 minutes of light exercise every day, especially outdoors Practice relaxation techniques to worry less Get enough sleep with a regular sleep schedule Eat healthy foods, chewing thoroughly to improve your digestion Reduce refined sugar in your diet Keep a d
  4. If your eyes sting after you apply the bp go sit infront of a fan or apply while sitting infront of the fan. Even if you don't apply bp anywhere around your eyes the fume can burn your eyes.
  5. So my forehead has these black bumps like in cluster. Its not black marks which is cause by popping pimples but i have these black dots or bumps. I mostly get acne on my forehead too. Do you guys know what it is and what can i do about it.
  6. yes taking zinc has help my acne alot
  7. I don't think you should use benzoyl peroxide and zinc oxide together because it may be very drying.
  8. Im using desistin diaper rash cream. It has 40%zinc oxide
  9. Sorry- I haven't really been following the thread that well- but are you guys having success applying zinc oxide to your face?? Yes it has been 1 week and most of my acne is gone. I only have 1 or 2 left. It also help with dark spot and drying up acne.
  10. I recommend zinc oxide. You can find them in baby diaper rash. I use desitin.
  11. yes i always put 6 drops of jojoba oil on the moisturizer
  12. I use jojoba oil to take it off in the middle and then just wash my face with dan cleanser and put on some moisturizer. It been 4 days and i am see major results. Ty Ichance23 for telling me about this
  13. What brand of diaper rash cream do you use and what kind of moisturizer? I just got the Walgreen's Store brand Zinc Oxide ointment 40% ($5) and I use Say Yes to Carrots Daily moisturizer with 5% zinc oxide and chamommile. I just put it on today. I was using neutrogena daily SPF moisturizer, but it started to burn, and I got a rash on my neck, so I stopped using it. Its one of the only things I use with more than 3 ingredients. Usually the more ingredients, the more negative reactions I get. Do