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  1. Good luck! I just found that using an occlusive after the hydrating products, like aquaphor, helps trap the moisture in. But don’t overdo it! And Stratia’s Liquid Gold is really good too.
  2. Sorry guys for not posting in a while. I got a bit discouraged. As I’ve said, there’s progress happening but I’ve just done so much damage. Really exacerbated by sun exposure I’ve realized. And I just started thinking my skin will never be fully healed. And if it ever is, natural aging will have damaged it anyway. It occurs to me that that’s what I’ve done—basically aged my skin like 30 years! That’s what happens to your skin as it ages, the moisture barrier weakens. So we’ve just basica
  3. Yes definite improvement happening everyday. But as I’ve said before, it’s just taking a very long time!
  4. Hey guys, checking in with some thoughts. progress is going great. Continuing to dermaroll and apply that Cicalfate stuff, along with emu oil, urea, and I’ve just added hyaluronic acid as well. In the past couple days, the texture has improved DRAMATICALLY. Before I always felt like the areas that were affected were OPEN in some way, you know what I mean? But now they’re starting to feel CLOSED. Like the texture is normalizing, flattening out, becoming normal skin. It’s a wonderful fe
  5. Do not wipe sunscreen off. Do not wipe oil off. Do not wash with water. Basically do not wash in any way. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but given our condition, we just need to let the skin rebuild and heal on its own terms. The skin knows how to repair and protect itself naturally. That’s what’s at the root of my approach. All this skin care crap about cleansing and using topicals is a lie. The skin can take care of itself. It will be difficult to get used to, but then you won’t
  6. I apply a little emu oil before dermarolling just as a lubricant. You should primarily apply the products after dermarolling.
  7. No washing with water or really anything for that matter. You need to let the skin rebuild. Any sunscreen or other products you let just dissolve into your skin. Do not use water. I think this is crucial to healing from this condition. The most water that touches my face each day is just little sprays from when I’m in the shower. But that’s it. Again, no water or washing. I think everything is finally really working for me. I can see massive changes everyday. The biggest thing is th
  8. Sicastro, I just looked at your pic again and I feel like we’ve got the exact same condition. I really think you need to stop using any products and especially stop putting water on your face. Just use emu oil, urea products, cactus oil, anything like that. And I highly recommend the dermarolling. I have to say yesterday I was so distraught because I realized, even though it’s surely getting better, I did so much fucking damage that it may take several more years to completely heal. But tod
  9. EmilyLane, any results with the Osmosis products???
  10. And did you see that doctor yet? What did she say?
  11. I think you should try dermarolling (w a .5 or .75) and then immediately applying products containing Urea or alpha lipoic acid. My skin looks just like yours. I definitely thinks there’s hope, it just takes such a fucking LONG time to heal.
  12. This is a magic product: SVR Xerial 30 cream. Order and start using immediately.
  13. I found a new product that is even better than emu oil for this condition! It’s called Urea. I use the Eucerin brand 5% urea face cream. It’s incredible. I use in the morning and night, and at night, I put emu oil on top of the urea cream. Hope this helps! And yes, you can use a moisturizer/sunscreen. But at least in the beginning, I think it’s best to use nothing. And then slowly introduce sunscreen and/or moisturizer.
  14. I healed. The answer is stop using all cleansers and moisturizers and topicals, all of it. Let your skin alone. For a while. You will likely develop what’s called a “dead skin mask” which is uncomfortable and not very fun. Let it be. Do not wash it off. Do not even put water on your face during this period. Again, it’s uncomfortable and you will likely be embarrassed to show your face to others, depending on how bad of a state your skin is in. But you must push through. After th