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  1. Acne is mainly classified as a skin condition, though I truly feel it's a disease. Not physically, I mean, it's not contagious, or life-threatening. But there is an emotional side of acne. And I'm not talking about all of the hormones and mood swings that we go through as we're growing up, but acne itself. This is a thought that's been on my mind recently, and it's one of those personal things that is hard to explain, so bare with me. Back track 3 years ago when my skin was at its worst. I ref
  2. Some exciting news tonight! I have officially been on Accutane for 3 months, the results have been amazing except I'm not quite where I want to be yet. Only about 2 or three active blemishes but mostly everything is scarring. This picture on top of my back is about 1 month in the treatment, and the second was last nights. The iphone quality makes it look a lot worse than it is in person I feel. But you can tell there is a hugeee difference, agreed? Some not so good news is the fact I lost my
  3. Quick update: I went to the seem this morning and he changed my prescription from 40 mg of accutane once a day, to a 30 mg dose in the morning and in the evening. My side effects are as follows: -EXTREMELY chapped lips -Dry/peeling face (mostly around the corners of my mouth and nose) -Breaking out in rashes on my hands and arms -Mild back pain -And mild mood swings (but doesn't every girl already) Acne update: -Clear chest (except for dry patches of skin) but no blemishes -Ri
  4. Thank you guys! My nurse also thinks it's eczema. My hands are worse, I have 6 large spots on each hand and lots Of red bumps, I wish I had another picture but it's just to gross. I'm using cortisone cream on it and it seems to just be making it even more dry. The pain I've been experiencing is so unexplainable, this drug is affecting my whole body but it's been working wonders on my skin, like I said TOTALLY worth clear skin. And I wanted a 5 month course but I don't think well be able to a
  5. Day 24 of my accutane journey. My hands have broken out in an awful rash, the picture below is of when it started 2 days ago, at the moment, its about 15 x worse, they itch and burn very bad, like all of my follicles are inflamed. Also, I dont know if this is a side effect of isotretanoin but I am having the worstttt back problems ever. Its starting to hurt just laying down flat on my bed, I cant bend over, and wearinf a backpack in school is stressful on my shoulders. As for my face, I be
  6. I cant believe it, these past 3 weeks have just flown by. My rents say that they can see a difference, I am starting to as well. Not so many white heads, and currently 0 cysts! (even though I only got 1 or 2 a month) my blackheads are still bothering me, but I am noticing they are slowly pushing out, I dont have that so called "sand paper" feeling, maybe its because ive had it for the past 3 years and am so used to it. My chest was clear for 2 or 3 days!! Now I just have some small red rash
  7. Equate- oil-free ultra-gentle facial moisturizer And I use cetaphil as my cleanser
  8. So it's day 9 of my journey. It's going by very quickly, the first 4 days my forehead looked to be getting a bit worse, but now it's calmed down. I can see a change it redness of my face but no reducement in blemishes. Oh well I still have 4.5 months to go! I have had an EXTREMELY dry face. Literally I would scratch my forehead and all these skin flakes would fall off onto my lap, it's so embarrassing! The corners of my nose are so ridiculously dry i can't stop itching them, so I put Vaselin
  9. I think I may have accidentally posted in my blog rather than in a message board but I have a BIG problem with blackheads. They're everywhere! I'm on accutane and hoping to get rid of them asap. Does anyone who has taken or is taking currently have any stories or personal experiences with their blakheads? I've read through some other posts getting mixed options. Do they fall out? Do you wake up with them gone? Do you have to exfoliate them off? How long does it take? 2 weeks? A month? If
  10. Today was the first day of hunting season in PA and while all of my friends were out worrying about if they were gonna catch a buck or not, I was inside worrying bout my pores. Its day 4 of my accutane journey. I found out the insurance wont cover my pills so its now $700 per month. Does this seem about right? Im thinking this will be my first and only month :/ But thats not what im worried about at the moment... I have mild acne but a TON of blackheads, its discusting, and its what im most e
  11. The last thing anyone should do to an acne sufferer is point out their flaws. Its embarrassing and whether you were joking or not, it can really tear down a persons self-esteem. Since on accutane ive been using a tinted moisturizer. I know its not what the derms recommend but it helps smooth out my complexion a little, without using any makeup. However, I have had the tinted moisturizer since summer when i had a nice tan glowly complexion, and now that its winter, you can only imagine that on m
  12. Hey everyone, my name is Nicole (Well actually its my middle name, But id rather not disclose my first name quite yet) I am 15 years old and have been struggling with acne since I was in 7th grade. I started getting minimal spots in 6th grade but the end of 8th is when it really kicked off. I have mild acne, its mostly scarring now with the occasional break outs, but its the blackheads im most worried about. Not only that but my moderate case of bacne. My skin has literally taken over my l
  13. Hello Blanca, I also started my accutane journey yesterday! I have heard many different things about the medication so I joined this board to see what other people are going through at the same time as I, and to keep up my motivation! Just know you're not alone, and goodluck! (:
  14. Thanks so much...... Still breaking out at this point..... Plus my neice just asked me literally a while ago "when did you start having pimples?"............ Was dumbstruck again and said nothing..... I felt myself shrink back again and being devoured by my blackhole........ Wtf???? Kids say the meanest things sometimes... I completely understand how you feel. The same thing happened to me the other day ago with one of my friends who is only a year younger than me (freshman in high school). We