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    Nature, New experiences, Producing soul hip-hop instrumentals, Graphic Design, living life a bliss. I'm the closest thing to Vegetarian without being one, for the cause. One pro about having blemishes is that i have come to know myself and am far more accepting for others.

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  1. RNIC2

    Tip: Best Mattifying Topicals So Far

    Kind of want to cop but I'm super prone to irritation. Did you experience any initial flakiness?
  2. RNIC2

    Help guys

    I believe it might be highly inflammatory and troublesome to digest. Problems why some people gain weight eating excessive amounts of bread. I limit it to a slice or 2 of brown whole wheat if I see no other option for a meal. I suggest you just limit your sugar and greasy foods. I came to believe it's a late summer ordeal for most in terms of oily skin. Good eating practices and it'll likely subside into the colder months
  3. RNIC2

    Bad Acne

    I don't suggest proactive. It's super harsh and that definitely contributes to a continuous breakout. I have suffered with severe hereditary acne and I cleared up for the first time in my life with a product called Crema de Rebeca. Its an all natural product from Mexico.i only know of one person that sells it in the USA and I found her on the offer up app. It's popular within the Hispanic community that have herd and tried it and swear by it. It works so well that their is others trying to imi
  4. I'm 4 weeks in using tretanoin .025 and I dont seem to be peeling much anymore. I have really oily skin and the drying effect has only amped up the number of blackheads in my T-zone. I've been taking saw palmetto, milk thistle, d3, fish oil, vitamin A but still no luck controlling my sebaceous glands. I feel like I traded in some of the inflammatory acne for blackheads now.
  5. RNIC2

    Stop The Picking! Support Log

    Why don't you try slightly puncturing the pimple with a clean needle? Only enough to relieve the pressure and then jump in the shower were the cleansing of the skin will clear out the pore. It's an alternative for my super sensitive , scar prone skin.
  6. Just the lightest bit of scarring. Only noticeable since it made your skin slightly uneven. But ya a Retinoid will help with the scars and unevenskin.
  7. RNIC2

    Advice on Hormonal Acne

    It's good for inflammation.
  8. It looks like mostly box scarring. Maybe a tad of ice picking. I personally went to the doctor and he gave me a tetranoid cream that makes you shed a few layers and reduces uneven skin and scarring. Besides the light flaking the first week or 2, I really like the results. Helped clear existing acne faster too
  9. RNIC2

    a new start 2014

  10. i suggest using either the M2 cream which is a skin refinement lotion, as well as, tea tree oil which also helps with skin healing.
  11. RNIC2

    from Fall to Winter

    how fast my skin changed
  12. second day on the MD platinum blue light and tea tree oil. Think i should delute the tea tree oil to avoid dryness from new product

    1. RNIC2

      Deciding on a blue light product

      i've been looking into buying one, not sure whether i want to take the chance in buying the such expensive product. do you know if its possible for it to cause an even worse breakout? if so, i'll look for similar products... It definitely won't make your acne worse, if anything it just won't help at all. A better way of controlling bacteria causing acne is taking a probiotic, one with 30 billion organisms, pretty much cured my acne. I got my blue light at a big discount but it's not worth paying
    2. bought the EVIS MD Platinum Blue Light on ebay for the price of only $29.. from what i hear i got a steal!