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  1. Yes, getting rid of acne has been a breeze for me, but what hasn't been so easy to get rid of have been my blackheads. I have a lot on my nose and some around it and on my chin. I also have some on my forehead. My cheeks are clear though. (phew) Now that acne isn't such a pain anymore, my blackheads have become far more noticeable!! So, I did some research. Apparently black soap for blackheads seems to work! African Black Soap. But does it really? Is it as gentle and effective as everyone says
  2. You really need to make sure to not peel or touch it! It will get worse and possibly scar . After 1 to 2 weeks if you do not see an improvement,or if it gets worse,discontinue using benzoyl peroxide! And use coconut butter to heal it. It won't burn your skin, and you should put it on before going to bed. Remember a little goes a long way, and try to apply it with a clean butter knife or the backside of a spoon. Spread it where your face is red and flaky, in all the problematic areas. If you toss
  3. All over the internet, I have seen a lot of buzz around benzoyl peroxide. about 5 or 6 months ago I was using a 10% benzoyl peroxide soap that I had purchased a while back. At first, I found that it actually helped, and I used the bar on my face and body. However, last summer, while using the soap bar, I noticed some redness along the sides and around my nose. Thinking that everything was normal and I was washing my face too much, I continued using the soap. Huge mistake. Some time after, treme
  4. Acne sucks. Pure and simple. And most people pay tons of money to rid themselves of it, and in the end, find that none of it works. I'm going to tell you how to rid yourself of acne for very little money. It will work! First, here are some helpful tips: 1. Some people who constantly take care of their face and keep the breakouts tend to get envious when they see people with clear skin. You may have acne due to genetics. If this is the case, then the acne shouldn't last very long after pubert