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  1. Sasha, Have you found a good way to get topical SPIRONOLACTONE? Is the one from the hairsite working for you? I would like to start on it too. I know some pharmacy will compound for you. It's a bit of a hassle. Looking forward to hearing from you. Take care, by
  2. Hello Seamus, Have you had any success with topical SPIRONOLACTONE? Where on the net can you buy without prescription? I would like to start it too. Of all the research I've read, this sounds the most viable approach so far. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks and take care. by
  3. Thanks, sweetjade. Did you stay on the pill for long before you got off it? What are you doing now to control the acne?
  4. I guess most people on this forum somehow understand the link among the 3. I'm not saying I fully understand the process, but there seems to be a correlation, especially among women. My question is if someone has been on a birth pill for a long time, say over 7 years, how much can she trust the thyroid and hormone test result? I understand the pill affects the thyroid reading. How long does it take for our body to rid of the influence?
  5. Hello, holly_lujah, I suspect I have hypothyroidism too, but my doctor would always laugh me off. So I'm thinking about changing to a different doctor. I have a quesiton for you. You mentioned your acne only cleared up after you take birth pills. Didn't they improve after the doctor put you on thyroid supplement? I have similiar experience, my acnes completely cleared up with birth pill. But I wonder if thyroid supplement would have done the same thing?
  6. Does anyone happen to know how long one should wait to get their throid checked after they stopping taking birth pill? I guess the question is if someone has been on birth pill for a long time, how long is it before they can get an accurate reading of their thyroid after they stop the pill?l
  7. I'd be curious to see any cosmetic products that actually contain fatty acids in their "free" form. Do you have a link to any such product? You are right. I must have mistaken GLA for ALA. I went back to the sources and realize none of them are GLA. Are these 2 (aplha lipoic acid) very different in their alleged defense against acne? BTW, I just remembered at least ONE easy way to get a mixture of fatty acids in their "free" form, and that's the hairloss product called Revivogen. Hmm, th
  8. [Natural oils don't contain free fatty acids, except in trace quantities (1%-2% or so, typically). I'm saying that you CANNOT use natural oils like borage or evening primrose to have any significant inhibition of 5a-reductase, whether you use them orally or topically. To get a topical inhibitor like that to work, you'd have to use a FREE fatty acid, and the only place you can get that is from a chemical company. How about the gel you get from vitamin shop then? Are they FREE enough? Where d
  9. Which other forum are you referring to? I currently post on hairsite, HLT, and HLH. I even still post on alt.baldspot, but only very infrequently. I mean hairsite. I usually go to ru forum, but can't find many discussions nowadays. Have you guys moved? You mentioned a research that used topical GLA to reduce serum production in your post. Is that EPA6 or omega 6 fatty acid? (am I mixing things up here?) GLA is supposed to be an omega 6 fatty acid, yes... Then is ALA also an omega 6? When
  10. Thanks for your reply, Bryan. So you are who I suspected. The other forum seem to have quieted down a bit recently. Let me know before you move back there. Don't want to miss your posts. What do you think of Perricone's assertion that whatever the route that leads to acne, they all come from inflammation? I saw his name on quackwatch. Wonder how credible he is. You mentioned a research that used topical GLA to reduce serum production in your post. Is that EPA6 or omega 6 fatty acid? (am I m
  11. Bryan, Another quesiton for you. How does CPA work differently from Spiro as antiandrogen? Always wonder why there is no commercial topical CPA? Thanks for your input. by
  12. Bryan, Wonder if you are Bryan S. from another forum. If so, I have lots of respect for your opinions from reading your posts there. I have 3 groups of questions for you today. If someone responds really well to an oral antiandrogen for acne, would it be fair to conclude they would repsond well to topical antiandrogen? Any alternative source for RU other than faith eagle yet? any report of RU working on acne? Do you think vitaminox will come back to carrying ru? Is DHT inhibitor as a gro
  13. SweetJade, Great job on your summarizing of a complicated topic. You are right on on a lot of points. I vaguely remember from your posts a year or so ago that you were on diannette and it was working well for you. Are you still on it? I'm very interested in the question you raised on topical anti-androgen, such as spiro. Acutally I have been wondering about this for a long time too. Are there anyone who tried topical spiro for acne? Maybe we can start a new thread and talk about this? Take ca
  14. Anybody aware of a topical application with the same mechanism of birth pills? The idea of taking a pill long term is not very assuring.