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  1. Uh oh am I going to die? Yeah each treatment is 2 syringes of 0.5cc. So yes I had a total of 7cc unfortunately... But my doctor recommended 5 treatments when I came in for the first time so it's not that far off. It could've been less but in the beginning I told my doctor to inject wherever he wanted, which wasted silicone on scars that didn't bother me. Yeah actually the volume loss on my face was that bad. There is a pretty noticeable difference between before and now. So yeah I guess I can
  2. I've done a total of 7 cc, I know it's a lot... I didn't do a full cc every treatment though, my doctor wanted to go slow so most of the times he did 0.5 cc per visit. I think I'm done for now though. I got my treatments done by Dr. Resnik.
  3. Yeah even though I've done many sessions of silicone micro droplets, I do not tell anybody but my family about it. It's really not something to tell the whole world about since you don't want people blindly getting silicone injected to solve their problems. My doctor told me how silicone injections got bad rep from careless doctors injecting cheap industrial grade silicone on their patients, which led to a lot of problems in the future. A lot of people on this forum will only recommend permanent
  4. By silicone injections you mean silicone micro droplet right. I've been doing silicone micro droplet treatment for a while now and yeah this treatment is pretty good. Honestly it's the only scar treatment I got that gave my any noticeable improvement. By noticeable I mean really noticeable. Definitely works best on rolling and boxcar. Dang I remember I used to get soo depressed whenever I saw myself in the mirror, but now I kinda feel like a normal human being. Anyways I'm glad you got good resu
  5. Hey Tadamasa!

    Your scaring is similar to mine but in a different place. You never got to post your before and afters in the forum did you? After the microdroplets? Sorry if you did, I couldn't find the post, if you didn't, please do, I'd love to understand what to expect from this and I'm sure others would too. Thanks!

    1. Yeah I agree with you, since he already tried subcision, I think fillers will make a huge difference for the fat loss looking scar from the first picture of Ozay. I had that exact type of scar on my lower chin area, and after getting fillers done, it leveled out my skin soo nicely and it never bothered me again. It also helps erasing those ugly scarred lines you get when you smile. It's true what you said about the confidence boost. Since the results for fillers don't fade away in a week or two,
    2. I expected your scars to be a lot worse. You said you're acne scar caused you to drop out of school, lose all friends, become unemployed, lose hope/confidence/drive etc. My scars kinda looks like yours and even though it took big toll in my life, it doesn't come nowhere near the toll it took on you. Damn man, acne scar f*cked you up. You have to get your life together.
    3. I believe there was a laser specifically for red marks. I think it was Vbeam or something. It's supposed to be a lot cheaper than the more powerful lasers, so there is that option. But the above poster is right, red marks take months or years to fade, and some of them permanently turn into brown spots.. (Specifically the ones on my cheeks and temples)
    4. Everybody? Since when? Some people with extremely severe acne never find a way to cure/control it. They might find a way that works temporarily but then it stops working and you're stuck with acne again. You can't fix scarring if you still have acne that scars you plus permanently ruined skin/looks from years of acne/scarring. Lucas I know you're still breaking out, I saw your post on the emotional sub forum before. It sounds dumb but you have to literally try every method on the list to find
    5. Yes I agree, acne is not that big of a problem to this specific sub forum. According to the many scar pictures posted here, it seems like most of us have already found our own way to control most, if not all of our breakouts. When it comes to acne, everybody eventually finds a way to control it. There's way more acne success stories than acne scar success stories. I actually found my cure from following somebody else's cure. For scar success stories I can only think of Ernesto, DCgirl, MrMatt, a
    6. I did many self treatments of saline injections. I know it's not safe but it was so cheap and painless to perform. But saline injections make your scars/dents look better for a few days but then after that your scars will look pretty much the same. Supposedly it's suppose to be like a mini subcision so maybe collagen may fill in over time but I wouldn't count on it.
    7. I know my skin looks good on my profile pic, but behind the extreme filter I had some severe scars(A lot better now). Anyways, I only visit this forum when I'm depressed or when I'm thinking about my scars. I would never think about visiting this forum or even think about the misery I've been through on those rare happy days. So I think all the happy people who had their scars fixed have moved on with their life, and never looked back.
    8. Yeah I don't think you can make your scars any worse with a short length dermaroller (under 1.5mm), but usually 1.5-2mm is the general length for acne scars. I've seen a few people claim that it made their scars worse but most people, including me have only seen improvement or no change at all, with the majority seeing very slight improvement .
    9. Looks like you have a little bit of everything, but to be honest your skin is still pretty nice. Before getting any treatment you should know that quite a lot of people permanently worsened their scars looking for a quick fix, especially with lasers causing more scars and fat loss. But yeah you can try dermarolling first, there's not much risk to it.
    10. Damn Robertitoo you'd make one good dermatologist. But yeah I don't even think you'd need that much money. Have you Mr. Matts before and after pictures? They're probably the best results in this entire forum.