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  1. Greetings, I can empathize with your scarring and acne. I can relate to rapid transitions from clear to substantial breakouts. Furthermore, I developed permanent scarring on and around my nose within a very short time frame. There were two variables that contributed and still contribute to my breakouts. First, stress is often a major risk factor for my bouts of acne. I am wondering if you considered this trip particularly stressful. Unfortunately, whether or not stress is the initial cu
  2. Do you have any pointers on application? I have never tried any of these natural remedies, although I have heard other posters praise the benefits of apple cider vinegar. Side note: I did not go out in the sun today and did the regimine without the BP step. There is already some minimal improvement in terms of redness and receding bumps. That is not to say that I would not have acne if not for the BP. The BP has been a wonderful spot treatment for a certain type of acne.
  3. Greetings, I am 39 year old with typically mild-to-moderate adult acne. This summer my face was nearly clear. Unfortunately, my skin has gone on a downward spiral. Due to genetics, I have somewhat pale, sensitive, white skin. In the past, I have stupidly tried to improve my appearance by going to a tanning salon. A couple of short tanning sessions combined with salicylic acid resulted in a breakout with widespread bumps. Anyway, this summer I lived in a suburb of Las Vegas (where I
  4. Greetings, Thanks for posting this as I thought I was having a novel reaction to salicylic acid. I've been simultaneously using BP (2.5% Neutrogena) and SA (2% Neutrogena). To avoid confusion, I do not combine the medications. Because of BP sensitivity, I only use it on my nose and for occasional spot treatment. However, I've been using SA on most of my face, The side effects I experience mirror the ones you've identified. Curiously enough, the side effects are most pronounced on my c
  5. Greetings Lilly, Thank you for sharing your perspective. With respect to the BP, I agree that it's all a matter of trial of error. At least I've found a means of extracting some utility from this product. Without the BP I suspect I would have more severe scarring on and around my nose. Since I've used BP on my nose, the acne is basically controlled. Furthermore, I can use BP as a spot treatment on existing pimples. As mentioned previously, I haven't explored the sulfur creams. I wil
  6. Greetings Spotthedifference, I should preface my comments by complimenting you on your clear and attractive skin. One can definitely 'spot the difference.' Anyway, I started using BP about five or six years ago. If I hadn't stumbled on this site I would have never experimented with the Regimen.. Unfortunately, I may have prematurely given up on BP as a primary treatment. I appreciate you posting the images of your face reacting to BP. Using your photos as a referance point, I would say my
  7. Greetings, Thank you for referring me to these studies. One other benefit I've extracted from flax seed oil (i.e. Omega 3) is glowing, healthy-looking skin. My skin has a tendency to become dry in the winter. The combination of a pale white and dry skin is almost as undesireable as an acne flareup. The Omega-3 helps my skin look hydrated and almost tan. Thanks for the info on B12. I've actually stopped using it as an experiment. I recently developed a migraine, but it could be coinci
  8. Greetings, I've been taking flax seed oil for nearly a decade. As an aside, the reason it was initially recommended was for depression (i.e. Omega-3). However, I was told the flax seed oil had other health benefits. With respect to my skin, I didn't immediately see any results the first time I took flax seed oil. However, I wasn't looking for results. My more recent experience is that flax seed oil gives my skin has a healthier appearance and pimple outbreaks are more easily treated. I have
  9. Greetings, I'm an adult male (aged 38) who has suffered with moderate acne for the last 25 years. I have extremely sensitive white skin, which I inherited from my father. There is a major genetic component to my acne as my father had severe acne with scarring. My mother had moderate acne as well. My acne seems to wax and wane. At times, my face is virtually clear w/ the exception of a few tiny scars on or around my nose. I recently saw a dermatologist and unfortunately it was on a 'g
  10. Greetings Aballarina and Elsewhere, I should preface my comments by saying I appreciate your responses as they make me feel welcome to this site. It's nice that a veteran member (i.e. Elsewhere) would chime in and help instill some hope that I'll find what I need on this site. Furthermore, I appreciate the advice offered by Aballarina. It's interesting that I perceive myself as skeptical of 'natural treatments' and 'folk remedies.' Nevertheless, I take supplements and have extracted a
  11. Greetings fellow acne sufferer, I've also been a long-time lurker who never decided to interact with fellow community members. In fact, this constitutes my second post. Your post really hit home with me on various levels. Most importantly, I'm inclined to agree with your assessment on acne potentially being a symptom of lackluster health. I'm currently suffering one of my worst outbreaks at age 37. At first I was puzzled and tried to deduce what prompted this unfortunate episode. With
  12. Greetings, I should preface my comments by expressing my heartfelt thanks to Dan Kern for making his website and technology available to the masses. I've extracted some benefit from his advice, although I'm currently experiencing a nearly unprecedented flare-up. Anyway, I thought I should give some background information. I'm from Minnesota and inherited my Scandinavian ancestors propensity for white, pale skin. I've suffered from acne to varying degrees from age 13 to the present (I'm