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  1. oo tracy idk, maybe i think the witch hazel that makes more whitehead on my face. just because today i try put it on back (toner) and hah, in one day again i get new whitehead. huhu , sad hey, lilly, so what you use to fade your acne marks? may share it with me? cause im so fade up, and really upset with this.
  2. thanks for the suggestion, tracy! hmm, now im having whiteheads on my cheeks. just yesterday i started to use a toner, and those whiteheads are the result in one day. thought the toner would help in treating my open pores and fading those acne marks. *cry sort of tired of experimenting.
  3. Hi guys! im actually already 3months stick with the regimen. I've not fully recovered, but ofcoz much better than before i started the regimen. still getting 6-7 active pimples. and mostly clearly seen is the acne marks or dark spot on my both cheeks. So stressful in having those ugly scarring. im thought of trying retin-a 0.1, but scared to because i think it ofcoz will make my face getting worse again for 2-4 weeks, for my face to adapt with the cream. or not. idk. But I really want to cle
  4. pillow system. u going down acne.

  5. wow, pillow with the shirt is quite cute (:. im gonna try it, coz yeah im also getting into the problem. gonna change my pillow system!
  6. Hi..some people just okay with the use of only water to wash face. For me, i do use a cleanser (cetaphil gentle cleanser) because it is free-soap type. And yeah i live in tropical country, so water is not enough for my face, totally not! Lol. But it does depends on your daily activities too. Anyway, for me, moisturize our face is one of the important step after applying the bp. Although i do have the oily skin but after applying the bp, my skin really needs the moisture. i use appricot oil free
  7. Halo Seline! right now i quite love the dryness but totally not the flakiness. lol. tq for the suggestion of the Sukin moisturizer. i will totally search more about it and since my moisturizer is running out, so i might want to try it (: thanks Seline!
  8. okay dimbo. now i know what is meant by DKR. lol 8-)

  9. on day-8. you'll be dead soon! and all your scarring families will be fade as i happy tilll the end of the world. haha tq (:

  10. Wow, im really happy for you. (: i too using the 5% bp and still working with it for about 8days right now. hmm im wondering what is DKR? may you explain it? i just have a bad feeling about the bp. the flakiness and the dryness just make me crazy enough :/
  11. Maryana

    Stuff On My Mind.

    i do feel the same as you feel. it really painful. and this hurt me a lot. deep inside. people just dont know what we're going through. we smiling at them but in fact we actually need them. hey, luckily i have you guys here (:
  12. i will, thank you at least i know im doing the right thing, right? (: