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  1. unicorntears


    I did find that I'd get mild flare-ups when I got into a habit of sleeping at 4am.
  2. So in the last two weeks, I've experienced the worst breakout of my life thanks to a Retin-A initial purge. Today, I left the house for the first time in a week and a half. Anyway, I step out all "yeh ima look you in the eye i don't care how uncomfortable it makes you feel". I just didn't give a shit at this point. I think this is exactly what I needed for a mega confidence boost as soon as my skin becomes clear again.
  3. I would marry Accutane and live off it for live if I could. It's amazing; good luck, girl.
  4. Ain't it just fucked that acne can ruin your face in the space of a week, when it takes months to heal it?
  5. P.S. you're gorgeous. I might just steal some of your makeup tips.
  6. I once went out with a completely flaking face. I was so sure that everyone was judging me, so there I was trying my best to cover my face. A guy I'd recently met looked at me, then said: "hey, you don't have to cover face like that, it's not a big deal, relax". So don't worry about people staring at you. Nobody (sane) can blame you if your face is peeling. These days, I always assume people are more understanding and empathetic than I used to give them credit for. Chin up, buttercup.
  7. Just read through your blog; so glad it's finally turning around for you. I just started on a retinoid too, so hopefully I'll see results like yours. Good luck, gurl.
  8. Mate, just do it. I've been on Accutane twice. My side effects were minimal - dry lips, dry skin, dry eyes, some muscle ache. It's still one of the best decisions I've ever made. If the side effects do become severe, stop. But there's a good chance you won't get close to that point.
  9. Try ice cubes! Just be careful with them and don't leave them on too long, 'cos you'll suffer ice burns. Also, your skin might initially become more red, but it'll calm down in a few minutes - an hour.