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  1. Hey everyone! Spironolactone users- i'm just wondering whether any of you experience an increase in breakouts when you up your dosage? I recently had mine upped by 25 mgs (from 75 to 100) and am now breaking out in places I don't usually. I'm unsure whether this is a sign that I should go back to my regular dose, or whether I should stick it out. Thanks in advance!
  2. Ohhh gosh, I see why you stopped. I'll definitely be looking out for those side effects- I luckily haven't experienced any as of yet, fingers crossed!
  3. Thanks! There's definitely been significant progress, but I feel like I reached a plateau about a month and a half ago, so there hasn't been much improvement since then. I think I'm going to ask to have the dosage upped by 25 mgs. Can I ask why you decided to stop taking spiro?
  4. Hey! I've been taking 75 mgs of Spironolactone for over six months now, and while I've *definitely* made progress, I still occasionally break out. Another thing I've noticed is that I've experienced no true decrease in my oil production since starting Spiro, which I've read is usually the case for most people. Anyone who has ever used Sprionolactone- based on my still breaking out/my consistent oil production, would you recommend I request upping my dosage, or continue with 75 mgs? It's been 6 m
  5. Are you still taking the antibiotic you were prescribed? I ask because I've been on Spiro (75 mg) for three months now, and was prescribed Doxycycline (200 mg a day) 3 weeks ago. I'm hoping to remain on the Doxy until I remain clear, and then ween off it in hopes that the Spiro will have fully kicked it by that point. Is that what you're thinking of doing as well? Do you think your clearing was a result of the Spiro or the antiobiotic? Any info would be super helpful, I'm three months into th
  6. I'm 3 months into my Spironolactone treatment (on 75mg) and am still broken out. Is it time to up my dosage? I'm a 21 year old female weighing 95 pounds. What do you guys think?? Thanks!
  7. Hey! I've been taking Spironolactone (indicated as Teva-Spironolactone on the bottle) and I'm just wondering whether anyone knows if there's a true difference between the available brands with regards to efficiency? I'm in Canada and it looks like we have 3 types available here: Aldactone, Novo-Spiroton and Teva-Spironolactone.
  8. Hi! I read that a lot of as well (that the medication can only truly work once you've started taking 100mg or more). But, my feeling is that it is absolutely possibly to take doses that are too high in proportion to your own hormonal imbalances, which will then serve to only further the imbalance. I think that's what may have happened to me when I tried to up my dosage by 50mg (from 75 to 125) overnight. Not only do I think the dosage was too high for me (I only weigh about 95 pounds), I think m
  9. ` So I had blood testing done in September (following a massive, I'm assuming stress induced breakout that happened in August), which revealed slightly elevated DHEA levels. This, coupled with the fact that my breakouts usually only seemed to happen the week before my period (that is- prior to the August outbreak), led me to believe that my acne is hormonal. Also- the acne is under the surface, 'cystic' acne. I was prescribed 75mg of Spironolactone in September- so I've been on this dosage
  10. Thanks so much for your reply! I think you're right- I'm going to stick to the 75 mg dosage and wait it out. Was your acne as severe as mine? How long did it take for you to start noticing improvements? My acne seems to go away, and come back in waves. If you could give me any more details It would really help, especially since you said your acne was almost identical to mine!
  11. PICTURES: Hey everyone! So I've struggled with acne since highschool (I'm 21 years old now), but my breakouts were always manageable. This past summer, during the month of August, I went through an extremely stressful period which lasted virtually all month. I think it is for this reason that I experienced a huge (what I think is hormal) breakout. Prior to this breakout, my skin was always clear unti the week before my period, which has always led me to suspect hormones were the culprit.