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  1. Drumatic

    Acne progress

  2. I wouldn't mess with accutane as your acne is not that severe to go on such dangerous drug ( in some cases side effects that will last with you lifetime and acne will always comeback later on). However, it seems like you have tried almost everything. Have you ever thought facial hairs on your face are causing acne? Looks like you only have acne on those spots
  3. I think it's getting worse, you should look into treatments. I would say your acne is going modereate/severe from mild
  4. Looks like hormonal problems as I see acne around jawline and lower cheeks. Have you tried stuff that balances your hormones? I seen many females had successful results from it.
  5. I was prescribed with doxy along with clindamycin for my acne 2 years ago. I stopped taking antibiotics after 3 month or so after hearing how in the long run antibiotics will make things worse for your body. In the 3 month I haven't really seen any changes, maybe minor. I decided to take left over doxy again when my acne got bad in college but now it just makes my stomach upset so I just gave up on it.
  6. Wow can't believe I have exact same type of acne as you. Bunch of red marks covering my both cheeks and bumps of pastules etc.. Your acne is considered as moderate since there is no Cysts.
  7. I'm seeing 2 types of black f soap. It seems like DuDu osun black soap has better reviews etc, should I get that one?
  8. Nubian African Black Soap Bar sounds too good to be true, is it worth trying?
  9. I would not take a risk and take accutane. Side effects accutane gives you is just not worth it, it is lifelong from what I heard unlike acne.
  10. That feel when people think you're dirty just cause you have acne on your facem asking you to wash your face more often...
  11. wow that's nothing seriously, mine is so much worse
  12. I was in the gym today looking in mirrors while lifting, I was depressed and my strength went down lol