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  1. I'm assuming that the damage is done and all he can do is make it so it doesn't get worse? - I also have enlarged pores, and at 16 years old it doesn't look good.
  2. I'm 16 years old and you sound a lot like how i sounded a few years back. I think you've got to realize that a lot of people without acne don't know how stressed/depressed people with this "condition" can get and how serious they take having it. i don't get along with my parents, but a simple solution was to put a lock on my door and buy my own food. I mean that way i have my own privacy when i'm stressed and don't want to be around people. I'm living in their house so i don't really have a
  3. I am from England and it says it costs around £60??? Seems expensive.
  4. John96

    Mr Matt

    I'm 16 with huge pores on my cheek and nose. I was wondering if it would be safe for me to use the stuff you used to get rid of my huge pores??? any risk in causing permanent damage to my skin?
  5. Anyone know if enlarged pores will "fill in" ??? I'm 16 and have been suffering with enlarged pores and bad skin texture for a while.
  6. My pores look similar to that on the picture. I was wondering could pores like them look unnoticeable once he controls his oil production and makes sure they are clean? or does it just depend on the individual? Hmm, it's possible, I have a friend who's pores became virtually invisible after he took accutane. You said you're only 16, do your parents have enlarged pores? If so, then there might not be too much you can do about making them invisible if they're genetics. I also had another fri
  7. I have the same thing. I have been looking for months how to shrink enlarged pores, but apparently its impossible. The best you can do it keep them clean so they appear smaller. I can't even control my oil levels so i am pretty sure they are constantly clogged and the blackheads in them don't help. I am only 16 and afraid mine will most likely get even bigger as i age :/
  8. My acne improved A LOT after i got some advice and stuck to it I was told to: (not by a doctor, but from someone who USED to have acne) - Eat healthy - NO stress and try to forget about having acne - workout - Limit sex/masturbation The thing is people like FACTS and proof that all that stuff is related to acne, unfortunately i don't have proof, facts or even pics. 6 months after doing all that stuff my acne cleared up 90%. I would of taking a picture 6 months ago but i didn
  9. I know you how you feel I am only 16 years old, but i have had acne for 4 years, and i can honestly say that a day has not gone by were i don't think about my acne. I have pretty much just put my life on hold while i wait and hope that my skin gets clear enough for me to be confident again. I only have one whitehead3 on my face at the moment, but i still have red skin, enlarged pores and a really low self-esteem. I didn't realize how many people actually had acne. I don't go out much, but
  10. I am 16 years old also. Acne has messed up my self-esteem quite badly also. I never really got bullied because of acne, but as soon as i got into a argument with someone that would be the first thing they commented on. My acne has calmed down the past year, but i don't think i will ever be as confident as i used to be until my face is perfect(i miss my baby face also lol)
  11. I just got my molar extracted last week. I was given Amoxicillin(500mg) and my acne has cleared up so well. I had been using 50mg of doxycycline for nearly two years but since i needed to take four big capsules a day of Amoxicillin i stopped taking doxy and kept on taking Amoxicillin. I am seeing a huge improvement on my skin. I had huge pores on my cheeks and a lot of redness and now my pores are pretty much invisible and all my redness has gone, just hopes it stays that way - Think it is