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  1. I've been taking 10mg a day of accutane for one month and went back to my derm yesterday and was prescribed 20mg a day for my second month (10mg with breakfast and 10mg with dinner). I went home and answered the ipledge questions and went to drop off my prescription and was told that the prescription she wrote was only for a two week supply since she wrote dispense 30 so they can only give me 30 10mg pills when I actually need 60. I ran out of pills yesterday so I need to fill this today. I w
  2. Thanks for all the replies! I'm going to get a script for another blood/pregnancy test tomorrow and will get a blood test this weekend then another one in a month and hopefully I'll be all set then. I just wish my derm explained this a little better to me...
  3. I was given the option of accutane in the middle of November and was given the ipledge book at this time. I got a blood/pregnancy test at the end of November. I was unsure for a little if I wanted to do accutane, but decided I did want to do it and went back to my derm in the beginning of January to tell her. The following week I got contraception counseling from my gyno and sent the form to my derm. I waited a few weeks for my password in the mail and never received it so I called my derm o
  4. I was actually given the option of spironolactone or accutane from my derm in November. I first wanted accutane, then got scared and started spironolactone instead. I'm currently on 25mg a day along with the acne free three step system and my skin is ok now, definitely not clear but much more under control and in all honesty I think the acne free is doing more than the spironolactone. I've decided I'm going to do accutane though and will hopefully start the end of February. I've always been ac
  5. Its probably not mandatory medically speaking but your derm may be doing that just to prevent any possible future legal action. In fact it may be a recommendation from the derms legal department. I'm sure you will be fine, it's just another hoop to jump through , lol Yeah, I figured it was just to protect herself in case I ended up getting pregnant (which I would NEVER let happen on accutane). It's just an annoying extra step and inconvenient.
  6. I'm a 25 year old female who is already taking birth control pills and I have my two forms of protection chosen- birth control pills and condoms. My derm is making me go to my gyno for contraception counseling and to get her to fill out the counseling form. I was under the impression that this wasn't mandatory and only needed if you request it if you need help choosing two forms of birth control. Is contraception counseling mandatory for all females?
  7. I'm sorry you spent Christmas alone I didn't spend it alone, but I did spend the whole day worrying about my skin like I have been for the past year and a half now. At the moment I'm very depressed over my skin so I can relate. It's awful how quickly things can go from bad to worse. I try to seclude myself as much as possible from other people and I avoid looking in mirrors in public cause I know it will only depress me. Hard to believe that two years ago I had tons of confidence in my looks
  8. Hi everyone! I'm a 25 year old female (just turned 25 two weeks ago!) who has been struggling with bad acne for about a year and a half now (all started when I first came off birth control pills when I was 23). Going back on birth control pills didn't fix my skin unfortunately and neither has any of the topicals/antibiotics I've been prescribed over the past year. I went to a derm in the middle of November 2012 and she gave me the options of spironolactone or accutane. I basically told her I
  9. I absolutely hate birth control pills! I used to have mild acne just in my t-zone in highschool, never really bothered me. I went on birth control (Loestrin 24) when I was 19 just for birth control purposes. My skin pretty much stayed the same while I was on it, mild breakouts and nothing major. When I was 23 I switched to Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo thinking that I'm 23 I shouldn't be breaking out at all anymore and this pill is supposed to be better for my skin. I stayed on it for like 4 months a
  10. Good luck with accutane! I'm 24 years old and plan to start accutane in Jan ( I'll be 25 then). I started breaking out pretty young due to puberty (I think 4th grade?) but then I just had mild acne through high school and college, small little pimples in my t-zone that never really bothered me too much. Everything was fine until I went off birth control in April 2011 when I was 23. After a few months I started breaking out worse and on my cheeks which was totally new to me. Fast forward a y
  11. Good luck with everything! I literally just became a member here after stalking this site for about a year now. I'm planning to start accutane in January and just got my first blood test done today! I completely understand how you are feeling over your skin, cause I feel the same way a lot of the time. Don't let anyone make you feel bad. Everyone has to go through tough times in their life and your taking control of it now and will come out of it a better person with nice, clear skin! Igno