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  1. Hey man i think you have the right idea upon what treatments you want to go forward with, and you said you live in Austrailia? You are lucky and won't have to travel much because one of best acne scar correcting doctor that I've seen is in Australia. Dr. Davin Lim http://www.westderm.com.au check out this site and its before and after photos. Also want to say i feel your pain as i have somewhat similar scarring to you. Wish you the best, keep your head up I'm sure you can a achieve 50% impro
  2. Hey you mentioned your on your 5th month on actuate do you think your skin became to scar more easily after you started treatment? and for rolling scars subsicision can help I've seen some great success stories with that technique combined with others, and theres always fillers that help so there is hope don't feel helpless your skin will look so much better once the redness starts to subside so keep your head up!
  3. Hope you recover well, sounds like a good approach for your acne scarring who is your doctor if you don't mind me asking ? And thanks for sharing your experience, you're doing great.. you're very brave and beautiful with nice bone structure
  4. why don't you want to under go any treatment? i don't think rubbing any rice will fix a problem such as this believe me lol and as for exfoliation idk some people say to exfoliate some say it'll make it worse so I'm not sure i tried using retin a and aha/bha which i exfoliates but i think it just made my problem worse made my skin more sensitive and irritated but everyone is different the reason i said tca cross because I've seen some really good results on this forum as well but take a look at
  5. Tca cross followed up by a fractional laser will help
  6. I hear V Beam is good for your case just keep your head up once the red marks go away i doubt you'll have any real scarring
  7. Has anyone ever had a visit with Dr. Nelson Lee Novick for acne or acne scars?
  8. I think you might be confusing dermastamp with dermapen
  9. you think microneedling could help ? Yes, 1.5-2mm done to the point of bleeding, 6 weeks apart for 6 months. Don't you have to prep skin before going to such a deep length?
  10. you think microneedling could help ?
  11. itsamemari0 you're a piece of shit of a person to judge someone over something they have no control over.. what are you doing on these forums anyway I'm sure your skin isn't perfect.
  12. looking good bud hope you continue to see more and more improvement!
  13. thanks for the advice i currently use dermaflage to cover up the big ones and it really makes a big difference but i don't want to keep hiding them you mentioned needling and lasers but what about tca cross could that help since it rebuilds collagen I have the same question i was using it before but read that it can make the problem worse so i just stopped not to risk things but i also heard that it can actually help to keep them clean and rebuilds collagen so I'm not sure myself