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  1. At first I only used the AHA+ every other night, but now I just put about a nickel-sized dollop in my hand and use it by itself every night. I actually never used Dan's cleanser, I'm not really sure why haha, but I'm planning to give it a try in the future for sure! And that might be it since my friend who uses only the cleanser from the Regimen said it dried out her skin a bit, but I was pretty dry and flaky from the BP in the first two months anyways haha. Give it a bit more time and I'm sure
  2. Thank you so much!! It's great that it's working out well for you too! At first I didn't think the AHA+ really helped me that much, but looking back on the pictures I can definitely tell it did, so I would highly recommend it! It just burns a lot when you first use it haha, but it does eventually lessen!
  3. Hi everyone! I started the regimen i believe around September 2012 and I remember the exact day I caved and asked my mom to order the Regimen's (Dan's) BP. It was the day my dad bought me my first laptop, a Mac, and I turned on the webcam and saw my face and honestly, was horrified. I always had issues with my skin, and had been researching about acne products for months and knew i wanted to try the Regimen since it seemed to have a pretty good success rate, but never realized how bad it was unt