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  1. Feeling rather optimistic about my skin.

  2. Right side (or what I like to call "the bad side" - I have a lot of scarring on this side. The redness seems to be slowly fading, but it is leaving depressions in my skin..)
  3. Thought I owed to update people on my progress. Left side (about 1 month between each picture - except the second one, which is when my IB peaked 1,5 month in):
  4. Update - 40 days on accutane - 14 days on Roxithromycin My skin has gotten better!!! Finally a turning point! I don't, however, know if it is the Roxithromycin og the Accutane that makes the difference. I'm afraid that I'll relapse if I stop taking Roxithromycin (which my dermatologist strongly adviced I do after a month - if it gets worse, I can start again, but I know I mentally can't handle a relapse). My skin feels smoother and my forehead is clear (and extremely smooth). I still have b
  5. Thank you all, for your replies. I don't think you know how much it means to me. Went to my dermatologist today. He started me on Roxithromycin - two pills a day, for a month. If I feel like it, I can continue for another month, but he suggest I take a break to see if I can go without. Off course he started to talk about how difficult and strenuous it is to live with severe acne when you are an adult which completely ruined my composure - and so I cried for the following 10 minutes. He said th
  6. I would just like to share my "progress".. Do you think I posted them in the wrong order? Unfortunately no.. The first pictures is when I started taking accutane, the last one is today (day 26).. Absolutely great, huh?
  7. I don't know what to say or do. My skin keeps getting worse. I cry all the time. I isolate myself. Well this was the exact opposite of what I thought accutane would do.. I'm lost for words.

  8. Last week I went grocery shopping and bought chocolate among other things. At the check-out, a woman behind me loudly proclaimed that *SHE* wouldn't eat chocolate if she had a face like mine. Yeah, because that is the cause of acne.. Chocolate..
  9. Day 25 - My skin is soooo bad and it's making me feel very depressed. I've contacted my dermatologist, who told me to come see him asap. Off course that means Wednesday, because he's always booked up. He brought up a temporary course of antibiotics as a possibility. I can't wait.
  10. I think it'll be fine. But ask him/her. I've heard something about injections and antibiotics that some doctors will prescribe to avoid IB/if the IB gets really bad - you should ask your doctor about that too. It is very hard. You notice immediately when people look at your huge pimples, in stead of your eyes. I look forward to hearing about your decision and how your accutane-adventure plays out.
  11. Feeling depressed and ugly - BUT quitters never win and winners never quit.

  12. Thank you for your input! . It is so hard and it's just nice to know that I'm not alone - that people have experienced this, felt the way I feel and gotten better. Did your IB peak at any point? Or was it just shit all the way through? . It is my understanding that not everyone gets an Initial Breakout. Also the length - if you do get one - varies a lot. If I was to give advice solely from my own experience, I would tell you to think a great deal about it. Dealing with the worst break ou
  13. Week 3 (05-09-2013): No changes. Still have the worst acne I have ever had. I try not to pick in it, but I still noticed some dark spots after the pimples.. Do anybody know if they will diappear? The acne seems to have spread to the "middle" of my face. Closer to my nose. It is painful and itchy. Anyway. I have really dry lips - like ten times worse than week 1 or 2. I can literally peel off skin from my lips, even though I use lip balm ALL the time. I found it helps if I put lip balm on right
  14. I would like to share my accutane journey with you guys, and hopefully get a chance to let off some steam when things get rough. Background info: I'm 23 years old female living by myself. My acne is genetic (both my mother and grandfather was plagued by it until well into their 30's). I have had acne for 10 years, and after being prescribed several topical treatments I was finally reffered to a dermatologist. He put me through a course of antibiotics (tetracyclin), which didn't help. And so I