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  1. I was stood in the supermarket queue with all my greens, wheat free products and fruit looking in people's trolleys. All these people with beautiful 'normal' skin with not one green in sight and frozen pizas, fizzy pop and cakes galore. And there I stood with my disfigured skin, head down, thinking "life is such a bitch".
  2. Yes, very true. When I started on my journey (or should I say nightmare), I didn't even have the internet. We are so lucky in that respect these days. Especially with these boards where we can share our experiences, discoveries and have eachothers back really. We are like a little army lol and one day we will win the battle!
  3. Yes, I have those days. Quite regular now I am older and totally drained with decades of this s**t. But.... you have to keep determined and never lose hope, because once hope has gone, there is nothing left. I have read mostly positive things about rolling and that in itself is reassuring, as most reviews are so conflicting it is mind messing. I think patience is key and those with the fantastic results have kept at it, as it is such a gradual process. Rolling is definitely a route I am go
  4. It's **** like this that spoil these boards. I simply cannot believe anyone would be so naive to think that fasting for 40 days will heal scars. Added to this, I beleive from what I have read, your concern is one ice pick scar on your nose. If this is the case, then psychiatry would be a better route for you. Do you understand how many people on these boards would literally cry for joy if they woke up with only a scar on their nose? It is wrong topics like this are not removed. One d
  5. I am having the same dilemma. Like you said, there are thousands of sites now selling peels/rollers/miracle cures - it is so frustrating! Added to this problem is never being able to trust reviews or blogs as 90% of these seem to be affiliates. It is the same with Derms/Surgeons these days. Most are simply motivated by greed. I find it so tragic. I'm sorry I wasn't able to offer anything constructive, I just wanted to tell you, I feel your frustration.
  6. Mike I am really crossing my fingers here that you have success with this treatment. I could relate so much to your original post. A fellow Brit here routing for you every step of the way!
  7. Anyone notice that the female with both boxscar and icepick scars ended up with no scars? Seems too good to be true, (but secretly excited). Thinking on it, of all the treatments I have researched over many years - subcision and needling are the two that seem to yield the best results. A light TCA thrown in to even out the tone - actually sounds like a good combined treatment plan.
  8. Yes, it is soul destroying. I am unemployed at the moment and searching for jobs that involves lone working and there aren't many of them. I used to have a great job. They are like a disability, it affects every aspect of your life and is mentally draining. Nobody that doesn't suffer like this us will ever understand. I could cope if I had them anywhere else on my body apart from my whole face. The hardest part for me to deal with is that there is nothing that can take them away and I do
  9. Hi Summer I am following this thread - fellow Brit here with the same issues. I hope you keep us informed on your journey, I am searching for a fantastic Derm/Surgeon in the UK, but it sometimes seems like an impossible task as the British seem to be in the minority on these boards. I also will never touch a laser.
  10. Interesting stuff. I was only thinking about this lately. I remember reading about 10 years ago about an acne vaccine that would be given to school age children and didn't hear anything else since. Thanks for this.
  11. I have suffered greatly from this 'disease' and it has definitely affected my personality. I am approaching 40 and to say I am drained with it all is an understatement. I coped well until I developed cystic acne and even then managed to poddle along for over a decade. It is the scarring it has left behind that has left me deflated. Sometimes I feel quite bitter that I was not treated correctly by my GP at the time and feel a lot of my suffering could have been prevented. It has affected my
  12. The problem with dating sites is there are a lot of opportunists on there. A lot of men (and some women) use these types of sites to search for people to have "fun" with, even if it doesn't appear this way at first. I have friends who have tried Cupid in the past and let's just say their dates were not what they were expecting to say the least - and this was with older, supposedly mature men. I don't think he will have even noticed your skin. As others have said your scarring is minimal
  13. Bump. I wonder if anyone else has gone down the micro silicone droplet route. The results do look amazing. Scary stuff though!
  14. Battle I read that the tinned fish in olive oil is good for you, but to avoid vegetable oil. Morrisons/Tesco in UK do a selection of tinned fish in olive oil.
  15. I agree. I can't see anything at all to worry about, your skin looks virtually flawless to me. You are a handsome young lad and should be enjoying your life.