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  1. Hey, thanks for the tips. Is Aquaphor available in the UK? zhfac, I heard Erythremicin is ok while on the Tane....doc said so anyway. Apparently they use it to combat the initial breakout. I'm not on it now - skin has cleared up really well in the past 4 weeks! Very pleased.
  2. Aw man, I don't know what to say to some of these posts - I know totally how you feel and am sorry you feel like this! If I wasn't on accutane just now I would say "no one notices as much as you do/bet you're still gorgeous" etc etc, but I got hit with the acne bat really bad 2 years ago at 24, and went on accutane when the spots started to affect my social/working life. I'm really open about it and my workmates are so sympathetic, but I hate having to go in and teach kids with all this goin' on
  3. Hey all, So I've been taking Roaccutane for a month now and thought I would keep a log of my progress. These forums have been so helpful to me in the past, especially when deciding to go on this medication! The awful stories of accutane put me off taking the plunge for a year, but I finally went back to the derm at the end of October and got started. I was encouraged by some friends who used accutane and have unbelievable skin now - some have been clear of acne for 3 years, which is good n
  4. Hellotheree, what lip product are you using? I've been on the Tane for a month and my lips are absolutely ruined! Been using Aqueous cream and Carmex, but even the Aqueous Cream has stopped working. Can't actually talk much today because my lips are so bad - didn't expect them to get this dry! Hope your treatment is going well:)
  5. Hey everybody! After 2 years of stalking this forum I decided to join and actually contribute. Don't really know where to begin other than introducing myself. I'm a 26 year old female from sunny Scotland (we have currently been plunged into rainy darkness for the winter season, haha). I will try and give you the lowdown on my lovely acne experience, which has been ravaging my face slowly and persistently since 2006. So, I had moslty flawless skin through my teenage years - actually used