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  1. Face and back is clear at the 4 month mark. Should I continue treatment? or am I doing myself more harm then good? Just looking for opinions.
  2. was one it for at least 2 years all up, drank all the time. no worries
  3. try ordering from Australia, thats where I live, everywhere carries it.
  4. Been drinking about once a week on it (6 - 10 drinks, depending on the occasion) only problem has been my red dry eyes, that get alot worse after drinking. other then that no problems. But Im kinda thinking of stoping accutance now because of my red eyes. Drinking didnt cause the dry eyes, only made it worse.
  5. Hey guys, Just looking for some advice or maybe shared experiences. Anyway I have been on Accutance for about 3 and a half months, all went well in that time pretty much, at the 3 month mark I started getting really dry and red eyes that irritated me alot, at this time my skin was pretty much completely better, I never really had bad acne I would say moderate though it irritated me alot and I would pick at it, oh and I have had back acne which is alot worse then my face for a long time, I forg