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  1. Really appreciate the support from everyone on here ! :) tank top and shorts is what I'll do when I muster up the courage to hit the beach this summer.

    2 nights ago I spoke to her about my skin issues and how it made me feel and showed her my back and she said simply that it doesn't change anything and that she likes me for who I am and still thinks I'm really cute. Said I'm amazing. Its a wonderful thing cause I was nervous. But I was honest with her and it worked. Thanks again everyone for the support !

  2. Soo I've been going out wit this girl for 2 weeks and we became a relationship a few days ago. Thing is she loves the beach and practically lives a few minutes from there. She has already brought up how she wants to be there together. Me, on the other hand, dont enjoy the beach like i used to years ago. Simply because i have horrible back acne. All over the back of my shoulder blades and in the middle. Most of it is on the upper back. I am ashamed of it to be honest. Seeing other guys at the beach wot good clear backs hurts me because its sumthin i wont ever have. I have done injections several times wit my derm amd it helped a little but other ones grow. Amd the bumpy scar ones just flatten a little. I have no idea how to show her it. I can tell she is a sweet girl and cares about me but i dont know what she will think about it of i show her. Helpp anyone with advice on how i can show her and explain how it makes me feel pleasee.

    Thank youuy

  3. Just in that mood that I have to vent/rant a bit. Its a long post. Due to Having a hard time with the challenges that bad acne bring into life. Reads and/or respondsare truly appreciated...

    .its hard to be be positive and stay positive when u are surrounded by acne-free people so much. They have what u want, and its not entirely in your control, its not like u can just clear up out of nowhere.

    People stare, its so annoying, like hey im a person just like you. Cant stand society sometimes. At my job its like I'm this fake happy guy. Meanwhile on this inside I'm this insecure guy that doesn't feel happy with his life and his looks. Alot of workers at my job r females and i just feel out of place at times due to my terrible acne. I dnt feel right at parties, ive been to a few clubs recently and its like im a walking plague or something, because everytime i stir up the courage to talk to a female and try to further it i get shot down.. Im pretty much done trying at this point, just convinced that i'll never be that good looking guy that girls would want. Harsh reality I guess, more and more my dreams of happiness fade. Which is just a sad thing for me because Before I started breaking out (junior high and freshmen year of high school) I was happy, had no worries, plenty of friends and even girls that liked me on different occasions. But since then its been much different. It started with cystic acne jawline breakouts and then on my face, back and shoulder blades. Would pick them cause i didnt onow better. Eventually saw a derm went on accutane, but im left with many bumpy scars and still active acne, in the same areas. I hate it. Pretty much lost all the confidence I ever had. I used to love being social, playing baseball for school and being on the team, but acne and people's ignorance and my altered mind (due to acne) took that away. U need confidence to play and I just feel like I lost it all. I am a firm believer in God and remain faithful and hope and pray that one day things will be all better....

    I dont even like being at family parties or large crowds and occasions as much anymore, as I just feel out of place and like a loser. I have one cousin with minimal acne but the rest of my family is clear pretty much. Although I understand everyone in this world has their own problems, Sonme way worse than acne. But noone I know really understands what I go through. If a girl I talked with actually wanted to date or even liked me I'd feel a lil better , maybe even alot. It would definitely help though because it would mean that im attractive to at least someone, inside and out. Yet it remains, Another valentines day, another holiday alone. Never had a girlfriend on valentines day....Just alone, that all too familiar place that I can't shake. Maybe one day, until then its just a sad reality.....if u read this far, Thank you, very much.

  4. Hello everyone! I haven't been on here in awhile, I'm Louis. I'm 21, I've had acne since I was 17. I have severe cystic acne and scarring on my jawline/ front neck area. Also moderate acne and scarring on my face. If anything, as im sure you all know, over the years acne makes us feel alone in the battle against it. When I found this site it made me feel like less of an outcast. So i thought how would it be to talk in person and hangout with people going through the same problem ? As oppose to jist talking online. So I'm just wondering if anyone here from the new york area (i live in Brooklyn) is interested in talking on here and eventually meeting up to talk as a group In NYC. We can talk about what we go through, experiences, what we like doing, anything. Ideas are welcome. Let me know. We can all get to know each other and become our support and have fun. Thank you.

  5. Tired of being lonely and feeling like a loser and seeing my bumpy scars in the mirror. Tired of spending Friday nights alone. I have very few friends now because I stopped hanging out with old ones awhile ago due to being ashamed of my skin. Also I've been single for awhile and I just wish something would work out with a girl so I can at least feel attractive and be alittle happy....last night my sister and her boyfriend and my cousin and her boyfriend went to my other cousins house, who is married. They wanted me to go, but of course I did not because I don't have a girl to bring. It makes me even more depressed and critical of myself knowing that and makes me feel more ugly. I was actually supposed to hangouts with a girl that I met at a new years eve party bland she was supposed to text me but she never did and I know it was a bad idea but I texted her to see watsup, and she still dent answer. I know you have to fix yourself first and I have been trying to work on myself by working out and I write but I have a really low self esteem and not much confidence at all....I just feel like nothing ever goes my way and next thing I know I am in my room crying feeling ugly and wondering why not one girl I ever talk to can like me. Out of the few friends I have now, I have only hungout with one recently, I just don't feel as comfortable with the others. Its like everyone around me has someone and then there I am still alone and of course I am the only one with acne....just had to put this out there thanks.

  6. Hello smile.png I need advice. I'm an emotional eater, have been hard core for more than a year now. It's scary, I go into a frenzy that I can't control and my mind just tells me to eat to cope with my sad thoughts and depressed thoughts. I don't know how to combat it at all. I've read 2 books on eating disorder type issues, and they helped for the time being, but I always relapse. I just can't stay motivated and it scares me because I can't live with this mentality my entire life. My mother had an eating disorder and I struggled through BED, but emotional eating has crept back on to me. And no, I don't have any friends to talk to about it, so please don't suggest that. I am addicted to seeking processed unhealthy foods when I get those feelings, which seem to be when it gets later in the day. Also, it's impossible for me to eliminate the bad food out of my house. I still live with my family.

    Thank-you. I really do appreciate any input.

    hi knittings. My advice to you is to follow these steps : keep a food diary, record how much u eat, how ur feeling and how often u eat. this way u can truly see ur eating habits and plan alternative activities to eating. Next, know when your hungry and when your just having a craving. when u get hungry, give the urge to eat like 10 minutes and do somthing else. if u realize then that ur not hungry anymore then it was just a craving. Next, Talk to who u live with about it and see if they can eliminate at least some of the trigger foods u binge on. Next, dont skip your daily meals. finally, do alternate activities try and ind something even if its reading a book or a bubble bath lol. To stay motivated, just keep a positive vibe and if u mess up one day dont worry, it happens. dont dwell just remind yourself to stay focused on achieving your goal of getting rid of this, learn from it and remember it will take time be consistent. Give it a try good luck hope it helps!
  7. Don't expect a reply from.this or anything but I always try and think get a grip then i catch someone staring at me from across the street and immediately i think they're looking at my skin and how disgusting it is. I know they're probably not but its hard to hold your head up when groups of people laugh at you as you pass. Today has been particularly bad as you can probably tell. It was all getting better then I got orange scabs after sun bathing for a day and bother. Now its weeping and red and urgh. Just very bored of constantly worrying about how ugly.I feel and look. any tips on overcoming this silly restricting mindset? I really want to be able.to get a grip. Please help! If you want smile.png

    Laurag i know exactly how u feel. i often feel people are staring everytime im on the train headed to work, it sucks and makes me feel ugly. i got a new zit just the other morning and it grew which brought me down and now its new years eve and i gotta go to a party like this it makes me feel horrific. So your not alone its not silly to feel that way...to overcome it though i thnk its about focusing on the things that make u different in good ways and your good features. try to think about wat ur good at and wat makes u beautiful. and when people stare just try not to pay attention they r just people that dont matter anyway. Hope this helps! :)
  8. Well today she was in and here's what happenedd.....well she sed hey and asked if my the shirt i had on was new and i sed nah and she sed it looks nice and i look nice and i said thankss. Then i saw her later and we hugged i sed do u want me to come by ur office later to talk n she sed yea. Then i asked wat has she been up to and she sed finals for school have kept her busy. Then later after my break i saw her n hshe sed she forgot she has a meeting so i sed ok i can talk now and we walked to her office together and i basically asked if she wanted to hangout sometime after work or maybe a weekend and she sed "i dont think that's a good idea professionally" and i just sed Ohh and she sed "thanks though". I cant lie it hurt because i really thought she wld say yes being that i just felt that connection and she even sed that i look nice but maybe she was just saying that. Btw we work at a school for young kids with autism and behavior issues, i am an assistant n she is a therpist intern. And she is really nice and definitely beautiful and she seemed interested that way. Guess i read it wrong ;( i just hate this feeling though. Its either she was rejecting me in a nice way because she isnt attracted to me, or maybe she is and she ddnt wanna hangout bcuz she feels we wld hookup or sumthing. All i know is, if u really are interested in someone then u will go for it and go out with that person regardless of the situation. So i dont think its bcuz of the job, i think she just doesnt see me that way....it sucks that when this stuff happens it makes me feel like the girls are out of my league and it degrades me as a ma, its a bad habit and then i just beat myself up and get down. Just gunna hope for better days, even though ima be embarrassed when she see's me at work.

  9. Im struggling at the moment to find amything that can help. My dermatologist has supplied me 2 topical creams one for showers and one for before bed. So far they arent working too well. I'v even had a breakout around the mouth and chin area its really shitty :( i wanna bknow if there's foods i shld be avoiding oraybe something im drinking, my dermatologist sed its not about diet, but then why am i still having some breakouts ?? Unfortunately the main problem is the red, bumpy post acne scars on my jawline and upper neck. It makes shaving and evrything in my life difficult. I need some feedback from people on here (everyone on here is so friendly its amazing!) I posted a few pics of my scarring if some of the people reading this will check it out on my album and if u have seen it before or know any tips on what i can do to get rid of it i will greatly appreciate it. Thanks all

  10. Hate being at the barbershop. Iv had 2 different barbers because the previous talked about my skin in front of customers on 2 occasions and I told him f yourself. But being at the new barbershop still sucks bcuz its always crowded and it makes me feel really low bcuz all the guys in there have great skin and I'm just in the light and they r always staring. It is one of the most degrading feelings I get. I always leave the barbershop feeling like a loser or just someone who's not worth it. Its worse when people are there with their girlfriends Cuz they stare too.

  11. Dont have her # i had given her mine wednesday. Yea she only works mondays and wednesdays thougj. The bad news is today was kinda awkward, usually we talk and flirt but today she only came to my room twice and she sed hi and smiled but that was it and she had to leave early. Ima just ask her wednesday if she wld like to go out to eat and if she says no it'll suck cuz work wit her but at least i can know and go on

  12. Soo at my job there is this really cute girl and due to acne its been awhile since I've been on a real date. But she's been talking to me and initiating conversation and we even went to the store together last week. So Wednesday we hugged and she was talkative so I asked her if I could go talk to her in her office later and she said yea sure check later. I went later and we spoke about work and she had to go to a meeting shortly so I asked her if she wanted to talk more because she doesn't go back to work monday I said I can give u my number and she said yea sure and walked over to me to take my number down and did and when she went to her meeting she told me she was leaving in an hour and to go to the library but I was leaving in a half hour. I said hit me up whenever and left and she went to her meeting. That was Wednesday afternoon. Its now Saturday and she hasn't called or texted. I was happy that I gave her my digits but maybe its the acme or I don't know I thought she liked me. Maybe I read it wrong. She seems nice and seemed interested but it could just be me I guess. She is back on monday but I dnt think ima say anything besides "hey watsup". I am disappointed but I wont show it. Should I ask her to get sumthin to eat after work monday or just give up that she is not interested? Suggestions?

  13. Well that girl that said that to you should go F herself. People can be so ignorant these days, they are the real worthless ones though. As for the rest of the post, I know how you feel, I'm going through a down time myself these past couple of days. I know its hard, but justtry to take it a day at a time. If there,'s things that u do that occupy your mind at least for a little do it. If your stressed workout or do something that consumes time and energy. And trust me probably most people on here has these moments and need to rant.

  14. So I'm 20 years old. I have been dealing with acne since about 15-16. I have scars that are like keloids formed from past pimples on both sides of the corners of my neck under my jaw. I have 1 big one on each side and several medium sized bumps on both side. I also have a scar on the left side of my cheek and little dents in the temple areas. Also in between my eyebrows I have a bump/scar. And on my back/ behind the shoulder areas I have several bumps. I go through really bad lows and rarely have highs. I haven't dated in awhile even though I'm really a sweet caring guy, very genuine. Its just hard on me emotionally its like every day is a grind. I always feel when I'm on the train to work that I'm being stared at, especially by girls and its embarrassing. I often feel ashamed because every barber I go to for a haircut and a shave always complains about shaving my neck. It makes me cry. I feel like these issues just keep taking away from my potential and I just cant stop it. The insecurity, the shame, the loneliness has ruined the once confident, happy, outgoing guy I once was.wen I started getting rejected more often as the ache got worse it just created this loser feeling inside me. I am a guy that loves sports particularly baseball and continue to work hard at it but on my team wen I messed up a couple times I just was embarrassed and its because I don't feel good enough and I feel ugly and it shakes the confidence that I need to be a good pitcher. But I have lost confidence in myself sonic cant perform well. I'm just tired of feeling worthless and ugly. My sister always tells me I'm good looking, she is 22 but her skin is fine. But she knows how I feel. I get so embarrassed st work, I work with little kids, some with behavior issues and disabilities. But its embarrassing when they ask why I have so many "booboos" and all the other teaches are right there. It makes me feel less worthy. I just wish there was a way I can get rid of all tthese bumps and scars so I can be that guy that is confident. And can get girls or a nice girl that's pretty and just have it go away so I wont feel ugly and hopeless. I'm also scared because a past relationship did go sour due to my back acne it like freaked out the girl I was seeing at the time. We weren't together for that long anyways but it just hurts me. My dermatologist told me I have the skin disease "hidradenitis supparativa" about a month ago. I'm just hoping there's a way so I can be happy with clear skin. So many people have no clue what its like and they are so ignorant and put me down....anyways, to any1 that read this,I appreciate u and God bless.

    I think most people on here know exactly how you feel. We've all had those lows and most of us have suffered with acne for a long time. I started getting acne in 6th grade and I'm 25 now and still battle with it. It really is difficult to feel confident when you feel like everyone just sees the marks on your face. Honestly, not looking in the mirror helps. Try not to focus on your skin, don't let it define who you are and people that judge you for it aren't worth your time. If your dermatologist is correct in their diagnosis then there seems to be quite a few things you can try to improve your skin. What have they advised you to do so far?

    thank u I will try...I am taking these pills he prescribed for me and using bp cream on my back