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  1. obviously no one here can answer this question for you as it depends on the insurance policy 1. firstly you need to check what your co-pay is for the appointment 2. then you need to see what your co-pay is on both brand name medicine (if you want roche brand accutane), and what it is on generic (if you dont mind generic brand accutane). 3. then you need to see if your insurance covers lab work. if not, you'll need to add in the cost of that. add these three items together, multipl
  2. well, I am back home for the summer in Dallas and I tried setting up an appointment with my old dermatologist to get another script for accutane so I can get it from planetdrugsdirect and make sure all my tests were fine. unfortunately, I called in today and was told they are on freaking vacation for another week. I was afraid that by the time I could get an appointment/get my blood test done, and my order put through online, I would be out of accuntane. I went ahead and placed an order at
  3. dry spots. Get some moisturizer, it should go away in a couple of days.
  4. sorry, but how heavy is she? You are only suppose to take 1mg per kg of body weight. So that means she weighs 300kg? I guess she could have VERY severe acne but I even doubt then the doctor would put her on that. I imagine after a month her blood tests will be through the roofs and she wont be able to take it anymore.
  5. do you sell the lasers or something? EVERY single post you post here is saying how great this non-abrasive laser is and how accutane sucks, etc, etc. I think I would rather take the advice of a dermatologist than yours. Thanks though!
  6. Just had my appointment and got my new script. I placed an order for 90 20mg accutane pills from www.planetdrugsdirect.com, total was ~$175 or so with shipping. After I ordered it gave me an email address and fax number to send in my script to. I tried faxing but the line was busy so I went ahead and scanned it and emailed it to them. I got a response in a few hours saying that they had received my email and that my order should go out Monday. So far so good, I'll keep you all updat
  7. hey, i wish it would only cost that much for accuntane here in the US. Your best bet would be to buy a bunch and then sell em to people in the US to make some extra money How much do ya want for 90x20mg ?
  8. fast 12 hrs before the test (which you're supppose to do) But why would you want to trick the test into thinking you're healty if you really aren't? There is a reason you have to take these tests, its for your own benefit. I would rather have acne then have my kidneys fail personally.
  9. Hey I have ordered from www.valuepharmaceuticals.com which is based in New Zealand. (you'll see alot of overseas pharms in NZ and Australia). I ordered a month's worth of Accutane. I ended up saving ~$500 since I was paying a crazy $780/month or so, and this cost me $280/month. They shipped it international air mail and I received it in ~1 week (though you can expect to wait 2weeks or more possibly).
  10. It was Roche Pharmacuticals Roccutane, 20mg tabs. It was packaged like It was exactly like that except it also included the "instructions/disclaimers" wrapped in the box. The pills themselves are violet/white and have 'ROA 20' written on the pill. I havent actually seen a real roche branded accutane, but I assume this is good. I did not send in a prescription, though I did fill out this disclaimer which listed my doctor's name, phone #. But that was mainly for customs I believe in ca
  11. actually if you are sexually inactive you do not need to take any birth control at all per their guidelines. If you plan/even think about having sex you are suppose to be on 2 different types of birth control. I.E. pills and condom. Its a big deal if you get pregnant while on accutane, you can get some very deformities if it happens. Also, you will need to do 2 negative pregnancy tests every month (I think, not really sure), regardless if you say you are having sex or not.
  12. got them in today. Took a week from the time I ordered to get em! Whoo hoo! This was from www.valuepharmacuticals.com. Ended up costing me $270 for 90 20mg pills I think next time I will try from www.planetdrugsdirect.com once I get my new prescription form. Its ~$100 cheaper.
  13. uhmm yeah...ALOT cheaper. I paid $780 for 90x20mg for 1 month. So I think its safe to say yours is cheaper!
  14. Look to pay anywhere between $600-800/month if you go through a US pharmacist. This does not include your doctor's visits, dunno if your insurance covers those or not. Your best bet would be to still goto the dermatoligist because of how dangerous this drug can be/get all your blood tests, but get your perscription filled at one of the online pharmacies, where prices can range anywhere from $150-300/month instead of $600-800. I put in an order from value pharm but I cant comment as I have
  15. I was told to use Vaseline or Auqaphor. I have been using the Auqaphor and has been working alright. Its very similar in texture to vaseline but it seems to do the job.