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  1. The only reason i posted no was because im only on the 3rd month and i have yet to see any results other then hella dry skin. But i think that i will be happy in the long run so im gona vote on a diff comp yes also
  2. You want to know a worse feeling? How bout when your face gets gradually worse for 2 years straight, you do every med and every regimne but it just keeps geting worse untill you try accutane and it doesnt even work 2 months into your treatment. Thats a little worse i think
  3. hey man thats a great idea but one problem. No digital camera sorry i wouldbe more then willing to help ur site out and veiw my progress along with others but i dont have the right camera sorry
  4. ya im on my 3rd month of accutane now and at first i didnt think that i would get chapped lips either but sure enough 5 or six days into the treatment everything started to get dryer. My lips never seem bad because i found that if you coat them in vassaline at night that in the morning no matter how bad they were the day before they feel like new. So put vassaline on at night and use aquaphore during the day and you should experience no visable chaped lips. And whoever said they wanted to go as
  5. Hey i have prity bad acne and im currently on 50mg of accutane a day and i have been on it for 2 months and a few days now and i am yet to see any improvment. The only thing that i see is hella dry skin on my face and prity dry lips all the time, no other side effects yet and hopefully none to come. But my question is if you were to drink a ton of water every day would this in any way help with the dry skin? I know that it can control breakouts and that it is really good for your skin to drink a
  6. hey i used diferin for about 5 months and it really didnt help much when u use it everyday day and night i saw a little improvement but it wasnt till i got off it till i saw alot of improvment. I dont know if my face got better because i got off it or because i was using it non stop for 3 weeks mornign and night and it was just a coincidence. If your face is bad enough go to the derm and get acutane. its the only thing that has started to work for me
  7. HEy everyone i have bad acne and my doctor prescribed me to be on accutane for 5 months and he gave me 40mg pills that i take 1 a day i was just wondering if that was enough. It doesnt sound like much but maybe thats the reason im not the one prescribing it. Is 40mg just to start me off for the first month? u think? i dunno help please. Also anyone thats taken accutane before any recomendations on moisterisours our chap stick? please help peace.
  8. Hello all on the 16 of December I went to my first derm appt ever after a 3 month wait to get into the office. And the doctor said I didnt have bad enough acne to start off with accutane but if it didnt get any better taking this new medacine hed put me on it. He put me on Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim which i have know clue what the hell this is. I was wondering if anybody had any idea about this medecine or how it did with clearing up your face. Ive never even heard of it being used for acne t
  9. Hey thanx ill try it i guess it cant get much worse
  10. Um we have bigger problems to worry about other than freckles i only wish my biggest problem was freckles
  11. But just to make sure i think ill go on the regimen after my dance next week so everyone knows for sure what happens. Hey maybe it does work but dont you think dermatologists who study this stuff for years would have come up with something like this before you?
  12. Dan this "guy" sounds alot like u are you sure your not him just trying to support your program so people use the acne meds that sponsor you?
  13. Well theres only 1 week till my school dance and i was hoping some poeple could give me some advice on clearing my face up a little bit. I know theres no miracle treatment but if someone has gone threw the same thing i am about to and have had some success on there face please help. If you have ever experienced something that you can do to make ur face a little better for one night help!!! I dont want my date to regret she said yes to me. HELP!!!!!!!!