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  1. I'm 26 and have had really oily skin ever since I was 16. I've done a ton of research on sebum production, and very oily skin seems to be a result of poor hormone regulation. Most people with really oily skin just have too much free testosterone in their body and/or are very androgen sensitive. I've gotten great results from taking one teaspoon of Total EFA oil with every meal. It evens out your androgen levels, and is especially beneficial if you are a person who experiences excess oil prod
  2. They do help some. Total EFA oil made by Health From the Sun is similar to fish oil in that it supplies you with Omega 3's (although the Total EFA does also have some Omega 6 EFA's in it). The Total EFA has really cut down my sebum production. The fish oil I'm taking has had a lesser impact. I've taken both separately. I take a teaspoon of the Total EFA oil before every meal or snack, and it seems to prevent the insulin spike and sebum production surge from meals. Works for me. I wouldn't
  3. I've had acne for eleven years and been drinking for longer than that. Any kind of alcohol increases the frequency and severity and severity of breakouts for me.
  4. Total EFA oil made by Health from the Sun has worked wonders for me. I'm 26 and have had super oily skin since the age of 16. I take one teaspoon of Total EFA right before each meal or snack and my skin oiliness has decreased to the point where it is not really a problem at all (not to mention that my acne has cleared up about 85-90%). Beta-Carotene may help a bit as well. Try taking 25,000 IU three or four times a day. Unlike straight Vitamin A, it is water soluble and will not accumulate
  5. Yes, the Total EFA does have GLA in it as well.
  6. My mistake, I mixed it up with Alpha Lipoic Acid. Whatever it is, it's working!
  7. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to share something I've been doing that is fairly easy, cheap, and effective (for me at least). I have been taking half a teaspoon of Total EFA oil right before every meal/snack. It is a blend of flaxseed oil, primrose oil, and borage oil. I have been doing this for the past three weeks, and my skin has cleared up about 90%! Many of you know that Alpha Lipoic Acid works well at increasing insulin sensitivity and regulating hormone levels. Well, one tablespoon of th
  8. Skate, I would only recommend using ice on cysts. When I get deep cysts, they don't ever come to a head, they just stick around for a while and then slowly go away. Ice is great at reducing inflammation. When you twist your ankle, bump your head, etc., you are always told to ice it, right? People commonly get cortizone--which is also an anti-inflammatory--injected into cysts. It doesn't actually attack the infection, it just reduces swelling of the surrounding tissues. If you have a zit t
  9. Hi Everyone, I've been hearing mixed opinions about applying ice to a newly developing cyst. Well, I have tried it on the last few cysts I've gotten, and it stopped them dead in their tracks! Basically I just apply an ice cube directly to the area where I feel the cyst developing for 5 to 10 minutes. No paper towel or plastic bag over the ice cube, just right on my skin. In all four instances when I've done this the cyst stopped growing and healed very rapidly (within a few days). I've cau
  10. To all B5 veterans: Did the oiliness of your skin fluctuate during the first three months on B5? I am heading into my fourth week at the full 10g dose (had a one week ramp-up period). I noticed a major decrease in sebum production around the second or third day on 10g. My skin cleared up around 90% during the first two weeks. Normally my face is shiny about an hour after I get out of the shower, but by the end of the second week it wasn't shiny until about mid-day. Over the past week I hav
  11. Well, I did some research on the internet and found out that it is the Niacin in the B-Complex that is causing my skin to flush. Actually, it is the combination of Niacin and drinking alcohol since it only happens when I drink. They are both vaso-dilators. Flushing is a somewhat common side-effect of Niacin, and as many people have probably experienced, your face can get a bit warm from drinking. This is commonly known as a "bar tan". Anyway, I'm going to start taking my B-Complex before I
  12. Andrei, I clicked on the link you provided for the quote below--regarding B5 High levels / Overdose / Toxicity / Negative Side Effects - Symptoms and/or Risk Factors. I found this additional information. You can all click on the link to see it for yourselves: Therapeutic Range:250mg - 20g+ Also, I recently spoke with my dermatologist about B5 megadosing. He said he has heard good things about it from other patients. He mentioned that it is safe as long as you take a B-Complex to balance o
  13. K-La, I wouldn't worry about it too much, definitely go ahead with the treatment. I've been using 2.5% BP every other day, which has probably exacerbated the flushing a bit. It isn't so bad normally, just annoying when I'm having a few drinks. I'd guess that it will settle down after another week or so. I blush really easily--and have high histamine levels in general. I'll keep you posted.
  14. Chi and Kid, Thanks for the replies. I've been taking 1,000 mg of Biotin three times a day since I started the B5, as well as a B-complex once every afternoon. Do you guys think the flushing is temporary, or should I expect it to continue? Chi, I read your thread and it's one of the reasons I decided to go ahead with the B5 treatment. I'm 26, so I know how it is when you're out the bars every weekend thinking, "why the hell is this happening to me at THIS age?" It's not like when you're
  15. Has anyone experienced facial flushing when using high doses of B5? I've been using 6 grams spread out in three 2 gram doses per day for the last week. It is definitely reducing sebum production and clearing my face, but I've noticed that my face is flushed and hot a lot of the time. It was especially bad when I drank a bunch of beers this weekend (I realize that alcohol causes your skin to flush, but this was really, really major). Please let me know if any of you have experienced this side