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  1. Lucasbomb

    * does not block pores * easy to apply * covers red marks well * being a party boy I tend to fall asleep with my make up on (Naughty I know) but when I do, I dont wake up to a break out. * Bottle lasts for ages * many colours to match your tone. *Hard to build on. * can go orangey if applied to thick. * If dry skin it can go cakey and flakey Just make sure you have moisturized before hand, its excellent best make up I have ever bought.
  2. Any one else been using this!? Just purchased my 3rd tube of the seaweed power deep calm balm
  3. Hey just been giving some Espa products as a gift, anyone use this stuff? I have been using the shave mud face mask which seems good for irritation when and the eye hydrator is amazing, but am hesitant to use the moisturizer incase it gives me a break out.?
  4. Yes I have tried topical soloutions, Yes I have stopped smoking, drinking alcohol, eating bad food, Yes I change my pillow cases every week, Yes I wash my make up brushes, Yes I have tried using different washes/moisturisers/anything, Yes I only exfoliate once or twice a week, I never pick/squeeze my spots nor touch my face, I even clean my phone, I also only wear make up when I really have to and its all non-comedogenic, Yes I followed the course of anti-biotics... Now Doctor please tell me som
  5. Just been prescribed this! and just taken my first 2 tablets! I doubt it will be my god send and clear me, how did you get on!?
  6. I get so worried when I try a new product that its finally going to work but I know secretly that it wont but im so sure this has.. I started using the Oxy natural science sea weed calm balm moisturiser and the emergency spot gel, I dont want to get to excited but I really think its working and I have spent hundreds on creams, washes everything, wish me luck
  7. So I replaced my Rimmel with Clinique, lets see if it makes a dfference
  8. My spots are not better and im sure the face wash has given me cystic acne along my jaw, which I never had before, it also cost £40, I do not recommend. Nothing is making my acne better!!!
  9. Yeh the cleaning product, it says on the label that it can be used on spots...
  10. I used it last night... is this good or bad idea?
  11. We have a red light full body machine at my work, I was using it 4 times a week, I thought it was making my acne worse tbh but now I think about it I had less when I was using it, I stopped about 6 weeks ago.. I now have just used it for 13 minutes LOL. shall let you know it two weeks what the diff is
  12. Cool thanks for that, I am not going to drink for a week and see what difference it makes! Bye bye Gin
  13. Cool thank you, how can I tell if its non-comedogenic or not?
  14. Is it possible to over treat your skin and that could cause breakouts? my daily regimin is Am - ProActiv Cleanser (step one) ProActiv Toner (Step two) (Alternate with step three) ProActiv regeneration serum (Step three) (Alternate with step two) Topical ointment from DR Moisturise PM - Same as AM Also the ProActiv daily cleanser has those microbeads things in, so its kind of like a scrub, could that be making my acne worse?
  15. How much do these two affect acne?? I smoke around 7 cigs a day and drink nearly every other day..