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  1. Ooooh, that doesn't sound fun!! Might see if there's anything else I can try, hope it goes away soon! It's embarrassing wanting to constantly vigorously scratch my head - people will automatically assume you have head lice or something!!
  2. Day 10. Wondering if my scalp has gone dry as it's been really itchy the past couple of days... :/ Any ideas?
  3. Thanks everyone! Today is day 8. Been picking at my spots a lot more today :/ a lot of dry skin to pick off the acne haha. I worked a 12 hour shift today so was great to come home and take off my make up and slap on the moisturiser Lips are dry - but not more dry than they usually are at this time of year! Nivea SOS Lip Repair is amazing though
  4. Today is day 6 and still not much to report. My skin was looking a little drier this morning but that's all! I moisturise twice a day and always have so maybe that's helping...
  5. Yeah maybe, I've started off on 45mg which seems quite high and then he said going up to 60mg at some point!
  6. 8 months seems kinda long!! Everyone on here is on a longer course than me, my derm only said 16 weeks? I hope that will be enough time to get rid of it... :/
  7. Yeah I agree. I'm sure these people would have chosen Roaccutane again if they had the opportunity to go back. (Obviously if they didn't know how low it would make them feel.) Also shows like that focus on the 1 in however many thousand that have a negative experience. What about the many, many people who have had a positive experience?! I personally never had a doubt about starting it - probably because I've wanted it for so long and had to fight long and hard to get it! Also funny how there
  8. Wow, so those last 2 weeks flew in!! This morning I had my first dose of Roaccutane! I'm on 45mg so have to take 2x 20mg and 1x 5mg. It feels so good to finally start! I've had a dull headache all day - but not sure if that's the Roacc or maybe a 2 day hangover Also, had dry lips today but I ALWAYS carry vaseline and today I forgot to take it to work so maybe I just noticed it more. Also my lips do tend to get dry around this time of year so it was probably more that than anything else!
  9. Hi guys! Well I'm so excited to say that I will finally be starting Roaccutane!! I'm currently a 23 year old female in the UK and I've had acne since I was about 12. Tried many different things to no avail, finally got a dermatologist appointment when I was 19 but I missed one appointment and was told I'd have to go through my GP again. Anyway, went back to the derm in April this year, was told to go on the pill and (yet another) 3 month course of antibiotics. Went back to the derm in August