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  1. i meant to say HOW do i apply copper pep. with the renit a????
  2. Maya thanks so much for the help...just 1 quick thing, the regular copper syrum wont make me break out will it? I will I apply the syrum in conjuction with my retin a. Also do you think that washing or using a alpha hydroxy acid or glycolic acid is also effective, if so which ones are good...washes containg those ingredience or another simple gel? By the way...you have helped me so much with everything on this forum, I cannot thank you eneough. O:)
  3. Maya, Can You tell me or send me the link of a good copperpeptide? Thanks....O and also do you think personaly, I will have more noticable results this time around if I use the gun instead of the hand tool.
  4. Maya thanks for the reply. How do I keep the areas moist and covered for the first five days if Im using the renitn a. When and how will I apply my after care? Use the retin a on top of something else? Together? Little confused b/c last time using only a and d, that kept the areas completely moist for the healing.
  5. In regard my last post... Frank also told me I must be off retin A for at least 2 weeks b4 he does the needling procedure. He explained that retin a will thin out the skin and he prefers I do not use this before the treatment. I was not at all aware of this but I figured I would pass along the info. I also was reading on copper peptides and there is no real scientific facts that show it contributes to collegen growth. I am not saying im ruling it out, I just would like to hear some bkrnd info f
  6. Hey everyone, sorry Ive been gone for so long. Switched from dsl to cable and had no internet for a while. Ive just read all the posts Ive missed and theres some real good ones. Well Im sure you guys are curious as far as the overall results. Well I would say about 30%. I still am not as happy as i would like to be so I made another appointment with frank from transitions to try a few more things. I told him this time I wanted him to use the tatoo gun instead of the hand tool and he said he wou
  7. hey Everyone, Quick post before I go out for a bit tonight, I keep Driving you guys crazy with my results but I am All healed now...(no reddness no swelling) I would have to say about 50%. Overall I am very happy and feel alot better. And if this is true that I will keep seeing relults, even better! Well Thanks Again, I will post pics asap so you guys can see. Good luck too all
  8. litlle dissapointing... After Looking today I no longer feel the 70% I felt earler this weekend/. I would have to say more like 30% overall to be safe. Its amazing that when all swelling subsides you can see all the little dents fall back into place, some gone but some lighter. Im pretty upset, but what could you do...I got some imrovement at least. Will any of us really ever be satisfyed anyway. Well Ill wait a few and try something else.
  9. Question for anyone, How much longer do I need to keep a and d on my face for?
  10. Jack I dont think hyperpigmentation is much of a concern. As I said frank uses a very gentle approach which he sais has no risk at all of this. I still can see the scars now that the swelling is gone. There is much improvement but still some spots that I hate! I think I may wait a month and try tattoing some smaller areas. In the last few posts Ive been told there is a much better result. But I also feel Im doing this the right way, I saw frank first and he got rid of alot..now I can got to a ta
  11. heres a few more pics .....hope this helps...please give feedback http://photos.yahoo.com/rxentertainment
  12. Hello Again to all, I will try to answer as many questions as I can but also have a few of my ow. It is now day 3 and I am still very red. I have began to notice very small whiteheads in many of the areas treated. Is this normal? In regards to everyone elses questions...there is a huge difference between a tattoo gun and using a hand tool to needle scars. A tattoo moves at thounsands of rpms per min. where as a the hand tool much less of course. To my knowledge using the hand tool (15 needled v
  13. Hello everyone, I will begin by saying "WOW", my face looks great. It has only been 1 day and I can Already see an overall improvement about 70%. I Know it has only been a short time but the swelling is gone and I am only left with redness. I can clearly see the texture of my skin has changed dramaticly. The deeper rolling scars are still there but you need to look pretty hard in order to spot them. The smaller scars are just about gone. When you look overall you cant even notice the scars at a
  14. Just got home from transitions. Frank is a nice guy and seems to have a very realistic approach to all of this. The Procedure was painfull at times because the topical solution wears off quickly. It took about 1 hour. He used a small hand tool with rows of needles (about 15) and quickly moved them in and out at multible angles to try and break up any scar tissue. My face was very puffy but had arleady calmed down to a bear minimum. It is extremely red but is said too fade rather qiuckly. Any que
  15. Thanks ,maya, I tried Glycolic peels but they did nothing. I feel as if I need something A little srtonger. There are certain spots that look too be pretty deep and I feel I need to do something else. I know you are familiar with needling so what do you think about doing this. I have an appointment on thurs with transitions to get this done.