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  1. This would be my monthly photographs of my troubled spots using Claravis Capsules 40mg. Wish me luck ,everyone!
    Nothing. Caused my cystic acne. Don't buy.
  2. Too many things may cause redness (your skin is irritated). To me, the Regimen never helped me. I asked my dermatologist that I've been using those products twice a day and he said to stop it immoderately. Why? 1. The Regimen has way too much chemicals or Hydrogen Peroxide for MY skin. and using it twice a day only makes my skin more red and irritated than before. 2. It caused my cystic acne (Take a look at my album). 3. The product may have worked for others, but since my skin is extreme
  3. This is my journey. I'm having laser treatment.
  4. Just curious. Like, if you take two full bottles at once?
  5. Think about it... Usually all the natural products with amazing ingredients come from Europe. Where the fruit and the farming is excellent and a lot of Europeans own farms. And America is where all of the fast food is.
  6. lizlotbith

    -Honestly, nothing. - Made my skin extremely sensitive to even the slighest touch. - Made my cystic pimples WORSE. - My dermatologist said using Benzoyl Peroxide twice a day is VERY BAD for your skin. I guess it wasn't right for me.
  7. The Regimen- Made my skin aboslutely worse. My skin is extremely sensitive now. XOut by Proactive- Made my skin feel fresh and smooth. But that was it. Didn't help the acne at all. Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Wash- Didn't makemy acne worse but didn't help it whatsoever. CVS Pharmacy's Energizing Facial Cleanser- Same as Neutrogenas. It didn't made my skin feel any better in the morning. No,sir!
  8. Pathothen- Had aboslutely no effect. Clearzine- No effect, as well. Zinc- These were for my amune system. But helped it! Not my acne, though.
  9. Neutrogena's Advanced Solution: MicroDermabrasion System- My skin is way too sensitive to be using scrubs right now. Drug store acne soap- Drug store items never really work on me. Orange bottle/Unknown- Looks dangerous for my skin. Plus, It's for adults only. Benzoyl Peroxide- Recommended by my regular doctor. I still have a bit fear of it.
  10. I'm on the regimen for my third week and my skin looks no different to me. It still itces, irritating, and it hurts me physically and mentally. I'm fifteen with cystic acne and I've tried almost everything. I really wanna try Accutane but I haven't gone to a dermatologist yet. And right now im taking doxycycline capsules. I dont know what to do anymore.
  11. lizlotbith

    Regimen Journey: CANCELLED

    In order of my dermatologist, I will not be using the Regimen anymore. But I'll leave this album up just to show you how my experience with te Regimen was for almost a month (3 weeks. New album coming soon. :D
  12. I went to my doctor about two days ago and she said I have to take Doxycycline tablets for a month i believe but I'm not so sure. I have cystic acne and I'm on my second week of using the Regimen. It's sorta helping. Today is my first day of using the tablets and I've been looking at the reviews and there are some odd side effects and strict rules. Can you guys tell me how'd it go with you (if you tried it)? I'm fifteen, by the way. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Ps: Is it okay if I try it with the regi
  13. My older step-sis came over and she's an expert in skin care (her skin is FLAWLESS) and she checked out my skin and said it's probably your blood. There's something wrong with it. and the fact that my cystic pimples randomly bleed or white/clear-sih pus comes out may be the whole reason for it. BACTERIA. BLOOD. It makes cosome sort of sense now! Anyways, here's my question: How can you treat these random bleeds? Will ice help? The regimen decreased the pain of my cystic acne (THANK YOU, DAN),
  14. I've gone to desperate measures and to my biggest fear... wearing makeup. My mom recommended Neutrogena's Skinclearing Mineral Powder to cover up the things I don't want others to see. It worked for my aunt (she's 20 and had moderate acne). I wanna try it for going to school but then again I have absolutely no idea when or how to put it on. Anyone with experience in using this product will help me, please? Thank you very much. OH, and I've recently stopped using Pathothen+Clearzine pills be