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  1. I been thinking this the whole time I've been a member.Many here exaggerate their acne as well.
  2. No more Accutane for me lol. Don't know if i'm being paranoid, but in the shower i lose hair. Maybe because i'm paying attention now and not before, but it's getting to me bad. Acne>being bald
  3. Haha i just got done reading the Hobbit for the first time(late i know) in school and i can't wait to see the movie either So i started popping those Accutane pills yesterday. I'm really excited and not one bit nervous. I feel the side effects are way overrated. It feels surreal to actually be taking it though. We'll see 5 months from now if this is the "miracle."
  4. My liver levels were too high for Accutane the first time, but now they are normal. We'll see if I get this damn drug already
  5. The people i talk to don't say anything skin related which i love. Unfortunately, some people i don't talk to much or at all have said some awful stuff to me loudly easy for others to hear. Feelsbadman
  6. So i'm getting bloodwork done tomorrow for Accutane. Kinda scared, but i'm just tired of this bullshit. I've been to the doctor before and he recommended it, but i refused because of the side effects. Since then i've tried Paleo diet for months, then i went to other doctors, taken many antibiotics , countless creams, home remedies, you name it at the age of 15. I know how young i am and how serious the drug but i'm sick of it all. This has been going on for 4 years now, please work Accutane.
  7. I feel like I should be going out to parties doing stupid young people shit, but instead i´m staying in after school doing homework(barely),eating,sleeping,wasting my youth thanks to this garbage. I would like to hang out with people i know from school, but whenever they make plans I never ask if I can go because I feel like the'll just make some excuse to not include me. It's probably irrational, but that's what I honestly think. Thinking about it there are a lot of things i've never done
  8. I was in class today asking a girl for a textbook. She asks another girl to get the textbook. That bitch says ¨For who, the ugly guy with acne?" I just sat there quietly, how the fuck do i respond? Had it been a guy i would of say something or maybe even hit him, but it wasn't a guy. I'm only used to this from guys so it surprised me. The worst part was that it really hurt me inside even though i always tell myself not to care, but i guess i'm soft deep down
  9. Damn, sorry to hear the repulsive things your family has done to you because of your skin. If any group of people should be supportive it´s them, but sadly it´s usually always the family doing these things. I´ve tried many things as others here have, but to no avail. To answer your question, i think diet plays some part in acne, but in my honest opinion it is a bit overrated. I say that because diet doesn't cause acne, look at the people around you. I think all acne is hormonal and ,of cours
  10. Chief Keef-hate bein sober,3hunna,kobe Try some Meek Mill-lay up,maybach curtains, dreams and nightmares,burn Waka flocka-no hands Bitches love me by lil wayne haha idk my music taste is weird lol
  11. Just stop comparing yourself to others. It will never work out, acne-related or not. Accept yourself. Acne truly sucks, but we will get through it eventually. I hope...
  12. Diet is a big part in acne, but it´s not the only thing. Most people would have acne if what you´re saying is true. It´s true that food has an effect on hormones, but some truly have hormonal acne they can´t do anything about other than trying spiro, bcp, things like dat