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  1. Before accutane and 40 days after treatment started.
  2. I am starting Accutane in few days. I also use Clinique makeup. My mother who has suffered from Rosacea all her life said that Clinique is a very good choice. My mother also said that to help with the side effects of Accutane, buy some baby oil and put it in a spray bottle to spray on your body in the shower. She told me to spray it on my body at the end of my shower and be careful not to rinse it all off, so it can soak in your skin. Good luck! I will be fighting the battle with you!!
  3. I have tried so much the past year. I have never had perfect skin, but the last year has been crazy. My face started out with a small knot that oozed green stuff and every week since then my face has exploded in horrible, painful acne. I guess it is acne; i wander sometimes. I have been on every antibiotic, vitamins, liver detox, and have tried pretty much every cream or topical ointment the dermatologist would prescribe. I am starting Accutane in 5 days, and I am hopeful because it did help my
  4. Hi, I tried something new on my skin today, and I am really excited about it! My friend gave me some Dynamite Wound Care- Miracle Clay. It is an all-natural product used to heal any kind of wounds, burns, bites, and acne. I was weary of trying it, so I only tried it on a few big spots on my face at first. I WAS SO IMPRESSED. One of the spots that I have had for months that was about a quarter size and very swollen now is about the size of a pencil eraser. The other spot I tried it on that had p
  5. I do not know much about Accutane, except that it is an oral medication that is a form on vitamin A and that when you take it, you have to be regularly monitored because of the side effects of it. I have heard good and bad things about it. Everyone I have personally talked to about Accutane has said that it made their skin really dry especially their lips, but they all had amazing results. I have read some bad reviews on it though. My mom told me it worked great for her, but that she had to spra
  6. So far my doc will not let me have accutane because of my elevated liver enzymes. Just had my gallbladder out, so I am praying that my gallbladder was the cause of the elevated liver enzymes, but I have to wait another week to get tested again. I am so frustrated! Maybe my liver enzymes are high because I have so much bacteria on my face!! I don't know; I am sure that is not the case, but goodness. I wish they would at least let me at try the accutane and see if it raises my liver enzymes anymor
  7. Hi Yeon, I do understand how you feel. I came on to this site today crying my eyes out. I thought my face was getting better the past few days and then an explosion happened over night, but I do have confidence that we will all make it through these dark days. Some days I am able to ignore and others, it hits me real hard. I know the agony seems endless, but I am confident that it will come to an end. I have watched my mother and others go through the same thing, and they have beautiful skin no
  8. Hi, I am 34 year old female. I have never had perfect skin, but it has always been bearable until about 9 months ago. Everything the dermatologist has given me has made my acne worse or not helped at all. About a week ago, I stopped using everything they gave me, except my new antiobiotcis. I thought my acne was clearing up a little bit, but I woke up this morning with about five more knots on my face. At times, I do not even want to go out of the house. I talked to the dermatologist on Friday a