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  1. what is zz cream? this? http://www.demodexsolutions.com/vpasp05/shopexd.asp?id=25
  2. my friend participated in a testing for those blue light treatments at a clinic. only helped a little for a little while. i wouldn't waste my time if i were u.
  3. its claimed that fluoride causes breakouts. the reason some say to put it on your spots is because some toothpastes have baking soda and/or peroxide which dries the spot out.
  4. my nose was "normal" in middle school, once high school came around it was bigger. weird, but i did experience a growth spurt during summer. i was like 5-9 in 8th grade and 6-1 in 9th, probably had something to do with it. if you're done growing you should be fine.
  5. evolution x changed their products name to vilantae from b5supplements.com works for some, not for me
  6. $0, i stopped buying crap and my face hasn't gotten worse. None of that stuff ever worked, at least long term. It would seem to work for like a week and then stop.
  7. Saw the price w/shipping...ouch. I hope it works guys!
  8. 1-3 month period, and they say you wont have to use it again. Let us know how it goes.
  9. Sounds interesting. I have never heard of this approach.
  10. Triclosan didn't help me. I read it originated as a pesticide. Chloroxylenol is used in hospitals and is said to be gentle on the skin.
  11. Its advised to take 1 tbsp (14g) a day. So about 14 capsules.
  12. its not bad, works pretty well. As for not drying, depends on how long you rub it on your face, the temp of the water affects dryness too.