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  1. Sounds like you need to lower the dosage a little. I have very sensitive skin and mine was hurting on the second day I started.Felt almost like a double sunburn on my face. I have read many posts about being very dry and most say lower the dosage until you build a tolerance. I skipped just 1 day and my skin isn't so red and tight. But, It is very clear and looks good.
  2. Spicychicken, That is what I have planned to do. Looking over a few post here I just think I am using to much BP. That damn BP gel is just so easy to apply that you really don't think about it. With the cream you have to rub it in so you have a feel as to how much you really use. I am not so dry that I am flaking everywhere but, I am heading in that direction. I have heard many people talking about pea size amounts ? I have very sensitive skin and doesn't take much to upset it. Also, it appears
  3. If in fact it last only 5 to 6 hours is there any benefit to keeping it on your face past that point? I think it would be better just to come home after work (school) and just rinse. NOT scrub or clean but, just rinse your face to give it a break from the BP. I see a few views on this post anybody who just wants to commit on what I am thinking would be great.
  4. Be careful it sounds like you are heading in a painful path. Sometimes the best thing is time. If you start messing with you face more than you need to it will only create you more (painful) irritation.
  5. I just received my BP gel in the mail a week or so ago and have one question. How long does it last ? For example, I don't have bad acne but, I ALWAYS have 3 or 4 on my face at all times. I have been using BP gel for a week and my face is getting very dry. I moisturize every 3 hrs because it hurts. I believe I am using to much and will adjust to see if it corrects the problem. My face feels better after I rinse it off. If I put BP on my face at 7:30 in the morning is it really still working at 7
  6. Everything you are saying Josefine I am experiencing as well. The dryness and hurting. Feels like sunburn ! I have been on it 1 week and my skin is still red. I think I am going to skip a day to get my dryness under control.