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  1. Sounds good, just what I was looking for. Will bump it up to 60 if he wants and go from there.
  2. No, they reduced my acne a bit but didn't knock it out.
  3. My acne is not super bad or anything, it's just strong. It's pretty consistent. I have taken minocycline, benzaclin, and some others I can't think of off the top of my head.
  4. I figured. I bet I will end up on 80 for an additional two months. That sucks. Maybe I will speak with a dermatologist, as this is my general physician (yeah I think I pin pointed my mistake.)
  5. I am 6’2�, 155~160 pounds. I started with 20mg's for a month. I am now on 40mg's. I have 11 pills left in this month, after I take one today. I assume 60mg's is next but I heard people talking about 80mg's and 120mg's. My Dr. told me it would be three months and then I would be off and done. I’m going in to see him Friday for a blood test and checkup since last month he was away and I just did the blood test and didn't even get a quick second to talk to him. I’m just
  6. I hate paying 20 every 3-4 weeks. Guess its better then the alternative.
  7. I’m on day 19, taken 18 pills so far, 19th tonight. I really haven’t had much in terms of the “worst break out you’ll ever get.� I was told most people get that and normally in the second week. Am I safe? I had a semi bad break out about day 8 or 10, but far from worst ever. I must say the worst part is the lips, but I have Vaseline lip therapy, so that helps. My other question is, are there any multivitamins without vitamin A? I have been looking online with no
  8. Good info to know. I take Optimum 100% Whey Protein, Chocolate. I don't see any optimum unflavored, nor do I think I'd want to try it. I don't want to break out though. So I'm still undecided, it's too bad there is not more info on this topic.
  9. I have never used Creatine by friends of mine have. A couple still do some don’t. I will most likely never use it. To me it’s very just feels fake. I can’t argue that it doesn’t work, because it does allow you lift more and give you visible results, very fast. But like I was saying I think it’s fake because if you stop taking it for a week you lose anything you gain and it’s like you never took it. From what I hear it’s also pricy. The real long t
  10. Thanks, I figured there would be a reason not to take whey. I will just go into a cut phase rather then bulk. I'm getting close to a six pack maybe this will push me over. My acnes not super bad, it's just strong and nothing else will finish it off. Hopefully Acctane will finish it off and not give me any bad side effects. Thanks for the help.
  11. I will be starting Accutane soon and I have a few questions. I work out, and as a result I am taking some supplements. Nothing that isn’t natural or anything. I know you can’t have vitamin A and currently I am taking Twinlab Daily One. So, I know have to stop that as it contains 6000IU [.2064mg I think?] but want to know if there are any other vitamins I cannot have, since I want to get the others in. Also what about whey protein I am currently taking, Optimum Nutrition 100% whey protein. Wi