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  1. I colored my hair throughout my course of Accutane, even getting highlights. My sister is a hair stylist and she suggested that I deep condition my hair more than once a week, which I believe helped immensely. You don't have to completely alter your appearance or stop doing what you've been doing. I just wouldn't recommend bleaching all of my hair to go blonde or something. I also continued to use heat styling aids. If you haven't tried it, I would suggest trying Chi's Silk Infusion. I've u
  2. Re-read my answer. I didn't say go to your GP. I said ASK your GP. There's a such thing as picking up the phone and asking a question - get it?
  3. Yes. Go buy some Head and Shoulders and calm down.
  4. I used one when I was 17 or 18. It was very effective with controling the mood swings resulting from PMS, but that's about the only benefit I experienced.
  5. 1) Did you guys take a lot of anti biotics prior to getting Acne? No. I started taking anti-biotics two years prior to starting Accutane. I went through 2 or 3 rounds of anti-botics before my derm recommended Accutane. I got on Accutane when I was 26. 2) Did you guys ever get Chicken Pox etc? I had the Chicken Pox when I was 5. 3) Did you guys have Braces? Never had braces. 4) What age did you get acne? I developed acne when I was about 23 or 24. I was working more than 40 hours a we
  6. Since Accutane sales began in 1982, the FDA has received reports of more than 2,000 pregnancies among users. Most ended in abortion or miscarriage, but the FDA counts more than 160 babies born with drug-caused defects. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060211/ap_on_...cutane_registry
  7. Actually, you're incorrect. Aquafor is a petrolatum product; not petroluem like Vasline. That is why Vaseline is drying and Aquafor is not. It's also the reason that Aquafor is dermatologist recommended.
  8. GregoryThor is right. You won't be putting that pill in your mouth if your triglycerides are through the roof. Acctuane is not an excuse to eat a trashy diet. I actually lost weight while I was on Accutane because I ate heathlier than I ever have. Based on my results, I don't think my body had any difficulty absorbing the medicine.
  9. Take your derm's advice. I had a SEVERE head pain that started the day after I took my first dose of 'tane that lasted for two days. Fortunately, it wasn't a serious side effect and went away If you recall, there is a warning that Accutane cause brain swelling, so if it persists, don't hesitate to call your derm ASAP.
  10. Actually, you shouldn't recommend that anyone on Accutane use Vasline on their lips - it's not a moisturizer and can actually dry your lips out even more.
  11. The best advice I could give you is don't wait until your lips are dry or cracked to apply something. I started using Aquafor a few days before I started 'tane because I read it was the best (and still believe it is - I use it just because now - not because I have to.) I kept a tube in my purse, in my desk and in my bathroom and constantly put it on. My lips were never severely cracked and went back to normal about a month after I stopped taking 'tane. Good luck!
  12. I know someone who has no acne and alternates 10 mgs with 20 mgs every other day. She said her skin never looked better than when she was on it, so her derm wrote her up. She started the same time I did (December '04.) I finished my treatment in May of '05 - she's still taking it. This is her second "course." Go figure.
  13. Personally, I would consult with my derm and let him/her guide you further.
  14. I went through a six month course of Accutane (80 mgs a month the entire time.) I can say 100% that any side effects I experienced during that time have not been permanent for me. My lips quit being so dry about a month after I was done (however, I still use Aquafor because I think it's the best kept cosmetic secret.) This May will be 1 year since I'll be off Accutane. I do not regret my decision at all. I had severe cystic acne below my jaw and on my chin. Now, you can't even tell. Aside