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  1. Also can you exercise whilst on it? or would it be pointless - if saw palmetto blocks DHT and exercise causes DHT, would you not be getting any muscle gain from exercising if it's blocking it? Someone PLEASE answer!!
  2. Hi. I've just been prescribed Saw Palmetto for prevention of hair loss and I also know it can help acne. Anyway I've been reading online and there are apparantly side effects. I would like to know a few things: 1. Does it really cause your blood pressure or any sort of bad blood problems? and any liver problems? 2. Does it cause men to grow man boobs? 3. Does it make your prostate worse or better? (in the long run) I don't know if they're saying it's good for prostate cancer or somethin
  3. I've always thought aloe vera was for burns and what not
  4. Hm, interesting. Anyone else?? Also is tretinoin the same thing as retin-A?
  5. I've been using tretinoin 0.5% nightly now for about 3 and a 1/2 months now and it's cleared up a lot. However every few days I might get a new pimple. Sometimes they can go away in about 2 days or sometimes a week. I haven't had a cyst for about 3 weeks now. I have a LOT of hyperpigmentation and it's so degrading. I'm asking - is it normal to still experience a few breakouts after 3 months? I just want normal skin. My other option is accutane but I'm scared unbelievably by that drug. Also -
  6. So the acne you had made you feel insecure about other parts as well? Now that you're clear, are you feeling ok now?
  7. Bump. I know they're bad pictures, but would you say this is bad enough for accutane in your opinion?
  8. I use to take seroquel, it never caused me acne. I was on it for about 2 years I think and never got acne. I only ever got any noticable acne about 8 months after stopping ( not related to seroquel ). I use to have a lot worse BDD when I was 15 to, it's not as bad as it is now but it's kind of relapsing due to my acne and I'm not viewing myself correctly.
  9. I don't think it would effect your acne to much, however for your overall health which some people believe can cause acne, it might indirectly (?)
  10. I've got OCD as well as anxiety and depression, it was questioned at one point if I had body dysmorphic disorder as well. It's a horrible feeling. I'm actually on tretinoin now and have been for a month, it's helped a lot, but the left over marks are so depressing and it feels as if it's not enough I'll PM you
  11. Not really any new stressors except from worrying to much. I've only ever started to worry about so many things because of my acne. It's made me super cautious about what I eat, touch or do every day. And I'm just worrying about my jaw line and how defined it is. It's probably hard to tell with acne covering it, though. I'm just in a position where I am worrying about my acne AND my jawline now and well, it's to much. I'm trying a cream which has helped get rid of a lot of active acne, but the
  12. Obviously it has, but what I mean by that is has it made you feel not so good about other parts of you? Let me explain. Because I am feeling extremely low about my face full of acne, I start not really feeling good about other parts of me. My self confidence is just not existant it seems. What I'm asking is can acne make you feel worse about other parts of your body because the acne itself is already making you feel worse? I have image issues before acne that is, but it's only now that I'm g
  13. Thanks again. I just posted pictures of my acne as it is now. A lot of it is redness from previous acne. I've been using a tretinoin cream or Retri or something for about a month. My neck has painfull, itchy big pimples. Never happened before. My back and chest are clear although I use to have acne their a few years ago. Honestly although the cream has cleared it up a bit. I am still incredibly depressed and have no self confidence left. Is my acne bad enough for accutane? I feel as if I n
  14. Thank you again for the information. I have to take antibiotics anyway now due to a infection. To be fair, my acne is ruining my life, it makes me cry, depressed and my self esteem is to rock bottom. I've heard accutane has no proven link to depression, I have depression so should it be a issue? My psychologist is recommending me I take it and has a plan to keep my mental health monitored ready. Lastly, would it help to post a picture of my acne as it is now?