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  1. It's hard to tell from the photos but if you have active breakouts you should try something topical in conjunction with a cleaner diet. Topical being either a Benzoyl Peroxide treatment, Salicylic Acid treatment, or something prescribed from a Derm (not all treatments at once though!). Hope that helps!
  2. Hello! I recently joined as well after lurking for a while. Good luck with your diet & be sure to post about how it goes
  3. Hello! So I've been on the regimen for about 2 months now using the acne.org products. Prior to the regimen I was wearing Neutragena Sport Face spf 70+ in addition to using Neutragena Oil Free Moisture - Sensitive Skin. While on the regimen, I have been avoiding sunscreen completely (unless I know I will be out in the sun for long periods of time.) And when I have used my spf 70 on top of the regimen acne.org products it makes my face extremely oily and then its impossible to put makeup on to
  4. I had some stinging issues before, although I don't think it was from the jojoba oil, I would just wash it off with cold water & take a day or half day off applying the regimen & it me helped a lot! If you think or know its the jojoba oil stop using it & try just using a moisturizer without jojoba oil. Good luck!
  5. paulinarae

    My Skin Progress

    Alright, so I was going to keep these pictures to myself because I am self conscious about them (but hey everyone else here is probably too!) So here are some weekly photos of my skin while using Acne.org's products. I've added comments on my progress on all of the front facing photos :)
  6. I'm about at two months now & need to order my AHA! As for when my flaky skin is too much I can't take it, I mix the acne.org moisturizer with a little bit of cetaphil moisturizer & it helps a lot. My skin would not only look flakey and gross, but feel tight and uncomfortable & mixing in the cetaphil moisturizer helped a lot (I still have some flakes though) Since your post was from about 2 months ago, how is the AHA working out for you?
  7. Hi! I'm 22 years old and have been on the regimen with acne.org products for a total of three weeks now. I was slowly increasing the amount of BP on the face (like it says to do) & at week 3 I was doing about one full pump of BP morning & night. My skin by the end of the week is so incredibly dry, not a single spot on my face feels like soft normal skin. Last night I washed my face and started the regimen around 10:30pm then finished applying moisturizer and jojoba oil a little after 11p