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  1. bluebelleyes

    It saved me.

    It saved me.

    I'll keep this as brief as possible. I've been off Accutane for about six months. I am a 22-year old female who got severe adult onset acne when I turned 18. I had severe acne on my face, back, and shoulders. I tried every OTC product and prescription product (including retin-A micro, birth control, etc. ) that my dermatologist recommended. My dermatologist believes I have a hypersensitivity in my dermis to testosterone. Finally, all that was left to try was Accutane. I've been on two rounds of
  2. Helloooo Second year of university almost done! My exams start tomorrow and finish on the 19th so I'm STRESSED. This is showing up on my face. I've been breaking out a little on the sides of my chin. But that also could be to the fact that I'm on a new birth control now. My blood work says that my triglycerides and cholesterol are a little high. There's a history of this in my family, so my GP decided she wanted to send me to a dietitian to fix me up. I suspect it's from how much eggs and
  3. Hey, Sorry for skipping a week, I've been super busy with classes, and exams are right around the corner! ACNE CHECK My skin on my face is smooth and flat and beautiful. I couldn't be happier. This last week I've been using tiny amounts of benzoyl peroxide around my chin and apples of my cheeks, because otherwise I would still be breaking out a little there. My back is still breaking out mildly (under 20 spots). I'm a little worried that this is the best it will get. It doesn't seem t
  4. Hey hope2013, I found that glycolic acid works miracles on my hyperpigmentation. My FAVOURITE PRODUCT in the world is a gentle 10% glycolic acid toner by Dermaglow. I spot treat with this at night, over my patches of red marks (under moisturizer) and it's just a miracle worker. In one week the results were very dramatic and my skin has never looked better. It is expensive though, I paid 50$ for my bottle at Lawtons Drugstore (although it'll last for years) but for a cheaper option Dan has a glyc
  5. Hey Guzzi33! Yup, I'm on accutane, and use other topical treatments (like benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, salicylic acid.) But I use them sparingly, to the 'tougher' parts of my face. And I don't mix them unless I'm dotting on a spot treatment. Untreated, my acne is severe. Treated with the Regimen and birth control, and an obsession over diet and skincare, my acne is moderate/occasionally mild. I have pretty tough skin, it doesn't react badly to most things. It doesn't seem to be very ir
  6. ACNE CHECK This week I've been using Dan's BP at nighttime, with a 10% glycolic acid toner on top of my active pimples and worst areas of hyperpigmentation. This stings, and irritates the skin, but works like magic. During the day I use either a witchhazel toner, or gentle bp treatment (not Dan's) or gentle salicylic acid treatment...basically whatever I grab first. So, keep in mind that these results are a combination of other topical treatments. So far, accutane has not been enough on it's
  7. On my forehead and between my eyes the cysts are hard, never come to a head, and slowly shrink over several weeks/months. On the rest of my face they often come to a head in a day or two and then I extract them, and then they take a week or two to heal over and form a little hyperpigmentation mark.
  8. I almost cried reading this. Every single thing you wrote was EXACTLY what my life has been like for the past few years. What hurt the most was that people never understood why I took so long to get ready and they'd get so angry at me for always being late, but I had this terrible fear of leaving my house, plus it took me hours to feel like I could face the world and I just never could be ready on time. I never wanted to admit why though, it was too embarrassing. And because my skin before Accut
  9. Try Nivea Oil-Free Moisturizing Day Cream for oily/combination skin. This moisturizer is veryyy hydrating, but not shiny or oily. It doesn't have an spf, but I pair it with a foundation with spf 20 (Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation - nothing like their other foundations which are crap, this stuff is actually AMAZING. )
  10. ACNE CHECK My skin is still breaking out with these PAINFUL pimples. Although, my skin has mostly cleared, I keep getting a few of these deep painful lumps every couple days. They surface quickly, but after extracting they heal very, very slowly. I'm barely getting tiny blemishes any more, just these big deep ones (but there are only a few at a time). I switched back to using Dan's BP treatment, and hopefully this will fully heal my face. My back looks like it's still purging. More pimples
  11. Yesterday I woke up to a full-blown red polkadot party going from my fingers to my shoulders. It's not swollen or anything, and only mildly itchy still. I get rashes on my hands from touching certain metals sometimes, but this is different. It's all over.Today it's even worse because some parts are drying up and peeling off. My hands are the worst, they and sting a bit when I put cream on. Mild stinging, mild itching, mild peeling. I also have lots of little scratch marks, probably because
  12. This week my skin went through a dramatic and rapid clearing phase. The clogged pores have been reduced to maybe 30 or so, and the amount of acne has dropped to ten. TEN. I only have ten pimples on my face. .....my skin hasn't looked this good in so long, I nearly cried happy tears telling the Derm today how things were going. My back, however, is still purging and looks a little frightening. Keep in mind I am still using topical acne medication (a gentle 2% salicylic acid treatment right now.
  13. DISCLAIMER: These are things that I have personally done and found very effective in reducing my symptoms. I apologize if any of these things do not work for you. If you'd like more brand suggestions or specific product names, leave a comment and I'll get back asap. Combat the dryness: Invest in a heavy-duty body moisturiser (eg Cerave, Cetaphil, Aquaphor) and also a skin oil (olive oil, coconut oil and Emu oil are my favourites) and mix them together 75% moisturiser to 25% oil. Put tha
  14. Hey guys, Quick update, here are the symptoms I've experience so far and a skin update. Symptoms (there's no way of telling for sure if these symptoms are connected to the drug or just coincidence, but they did all start after I began the drug.) -back pain and some joint pain in my wrists&ankles -mild nose bleeds (every day) -my face has been sweating a lot, even though it's cold -DRY SKIN, which is lovely, I'm very happy having dry skin compared to oily !! It makes life so much
  15. Hey! I just had to throw in a quick mid-week update because something unusual is happening... I've had hyperhydrosis for many years (overactive sweat glands, activated by stress for me) ...normally I am sweating 24/7 from my underarms and feet. I use drysol (SUPER strength antiperspirant) to control it. I noticed in the last few days that I've been sweating more than normal, from those two places anddd my face. My upper lip has been sweating almost nonstop for no good reason. We're right in the