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  1. I'm currently taking Ortho-Tri-Cyclin for my cyctic acne. I've been on it since Jan, and it's not really working but it takes about a good 4 months for me anyway...this is my 2nd time 'round. My face does seem to be getting better, no more cysts at least, but I always have clusters on either side of my neck, and on my back. I keep getting them injected, but they keep coming back. Anyone have these damn things? if so is BC a good solution or sould I try something else? I also use Benzaclin
  2. yes, it does. I went on it last May, but stopped because I'm impatient and stupid. There was a bad initial breakout, but come July until about October my skin was nearly perfect. Still oily, but no cysts, no nothing. Then things started coming back, and my skin is pretty bad now so I'm going back on it like a good girl. So to answer your question, yes it works. You gotta wait a couple cycles, 2-3 months, to really notice a change but its truely amazing.
  3. Anyone ever use this? What were your results? My dermo gave me some samples today cause Benzaclin was causing some icky stomach problems.
  4. I've been on Benzaclin for almost 2 years, and just recently I started developing stomach/intestinal problems which I believe are from it. So with that said, has anyone else had any experience like this from Benzaclin? And what are some other topical meds that may help with cystic acne in addition to Ortho-Tri-Cyclin pills?
  5. This stuff is amazing. For years I've caked on concealer, foundation and powder just to have a semi-even face, but I tried the touch-pad and it covers great. I have a lot of cysts and scars right now, on top of super oily skin, but this stuff goes on smooth, covers everything and doesn't look like I have make up on. It doesn't run when I cry or when it rains, it doesn't rub off on my clothes or anything. Amazing. I highly suggest at least trying it. I've found my miracle product.
  6. I've just about had it with my face. For a good 4 months is was almost perfect, but suddenly my chin and jawline are covered in sore, red cysts. I've been on Doryx and Benzaclin for 2 years, and was on Ortho Tri Cyclin for a month in April, but quit cause I can't remember to take pills and they made me horribly ill. In Sept. she prescribed me Tazorac, which has done nothing except made me red, flaky and dry dry dry. Anyone using anything for cystic acne and getting great results? I understa
  7. Has anyone ever tried this stuff? It's quite expensive, but seems like the better alternative to concealer, foundation and powders. I have using so much product, but must with my acne, scrars, uneven tone, dark circles and oiliness. Gee, it's great to be me. So my point...is Bare Essentials worth the $40 at ULTA?
  8. oh dear god, cysts are awful, awful things. But go to the derm and get injected. I despire needles, but I had a cyst on my neck last month that was practically a second head, and it was gone in two days. Also, I was injected before on my back, and since then no cysts have ever reformed. I'm currently using Benzaclin cream and Doryx pills, and it seems to tame things down. But for those pesky, huge icky cysts....inject 'em.
  9. I've been on Benzaclin and Doryx (pills) for 2 yrs now and just recently have I seen a big improvement, but last week I got Tazorac .05% from my dermo. I really haven't experienced dryness or a decrease in oil, but I have seen a -slight- increase in breakouts. I'm guessing this is normal since I just started it 2 days ago? I used to use Benzaclin at night, but Ive switched to morning cause Taz goes on at night. A lot of my scars have gone away, and Im not really worried about new breakouts c
  10. So far I haven't really dealt with resistance...For a while there I thought maybe, but so far so good ::knocks on wood:: My face is dramatically clearer from when I first started...granted, its been 2 yrs. My scars have reduced as well, thanx to the help of Benzaclin. But to answer your question, no I haven't had resistance. Just a buncha cysts that's probably still hormonal...but I';m not doing birth control again because that just messed up what Doryx did.
  11. I took Ortho Tri Cyclin for a month for my face. It helped. I've been on Doryx for 2 yrs. and it's finally starting to really work. My face is good, but now I've got an increase in cystic acne on my neck, back and chest. Any suggestions for medications I can ask my dermo about?
  12. Apparently thats what I have. Birth control didn't really work, well it did for my face, but my neck and back are still disasterous. Any suggestions for new meds?
  13. Just wanted to say thanx you guys. You've given me a lot of ideas and things to try...and yes! I use the mint julip mask ALL the time. Its great. Thanx again!
  14. That pretty much describes my skin. Bare it looks -ok-, red and scars but no big deal. But when I apply makeup my pores look huge and way up close it looks scarly almost. Its all one tone which is great, but if anyone gets super close it looks horrible. Then after about only 2 hrs I get super oily. I use the Clean n Clear pads to remove some of it, but its gross, especially when its warmer. I do have an actualy question...if anyone is suffering from any of those skin types, what foundation
  15. I'm aware this is a birth control medication, but my doctor says the acne I have is cystic ((very big and painful along my jaw line, neck and mouth)) and is purely hormonal. I had been on Benzaclin and Doryx for about a year and a half, and that didn't really work. So my question is...Anyone else have cystic acne? and what treatments are working? Also, anyone else taking ortho?? Does it do -anything- for the skin? :?: