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  1. Alright I have always been a chronic smoker of weed until the past 6 months or so because they give out drug test at where i work. Now sometime last year i stumbled across some hemp moisturizer when i was at a hair salon getting a haircut. It was called hempz(with a Z instead of a S)so i dished out the 20 dollars, got in the shower and put it on my face. The next morning i noticed my skin was a lot less red and blotchy(that was thanks to years of benzol peroxide which in my opinion is useless).
  2. ThatMrKnowItAll


    Marijuana is what cured my acne. weed has the perfect 3:1 ratio of omega fats. Nothing on this earth has that perfect ratio. I ordered some hemp seed moisturiser and hemp seed oil. I put the moisturizer on my face after every shower and i showers once a day not every 2 hours like i used to because my skin was too oily. I drink one sip of of hemp seed oil after each meal and i have had clear skin for a year since i started using it. When i stopped smoking weed in university for a short while my a